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What Happens When People With Vivid Imaginations Get Down to Work

When you can't do something, don't get upset. There are just some people who see the world in a different way. And when you can't concentrate on work or if your phone battery is dying, there is always a solution. The people in this compilation managed to invent the impossible.

Bright Side has collected photos of people who didn't just manage to combine creativity and humor but they did it in the most charming way. Keep reading all the way to the end of the article where there's a funny bonus image revealing how perfect photos are created.

No mixer? No problem.

When you have a spare door you don't want to throw away:

Who needs a new remote?

First, you need to admit that the problem exists...

Broken cup holder? No problem!

A YouTube fireplace is much safer than a real one.

"My twin took both of our pics for picture day back in HS when I was home sick."

If you're scared of riding a hoverboard, there's a way to fix it.

No tripod, no problem. There are a lot of trees around.

When you're not ready to throw away your favorite cup:

This is good for both gardening and composing music!

"There are dangerous people living nearby. And this stuffed dog looks quite real from a far distance."

Why pay more for a pool?

Korean builders covered cars nearby to protect them from the dust.

A clever way of transportation

When you really need to charge your phone, the most amazing things can happen.

Safety first

Who said that car windows are necessary?

The only thing you need to make a perfect circle with a mouse is a coin.

The past has met the future.

You don't want to lose anything, right?

This is one way to cool down your laptop.

When it's hot in the office but you don't want to get sick:

"My 6-year-old was scared of monsters in the window so we enlisted Master Windu’s protection."

Bonus: behind the scenes of beautiful photos

How do you handle difficult situations like these? Tell us in the comment section below!

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