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What Popular Foods Look Like Before They’re Harvested

We are hardly surprised when we see a blooming apple tree or a cucumber plant. However, there are other fruits, veggies, nuts, and spices which have natural habitats we can barely imagine. Do you know how rice is grown or whether persimmon trees bloom in spring?

We at Bright Side decided to find out what some popular foods look like before they get to the grocery store.

16. Dates

15. Capers

14. Cardamom

13. Globe Artichoke

12. Papaya

11. Turmeric

10. Сhicory

9. Ginger

8. Rice

7. Persimmon

6. Wasabi

5. Feijoa

4. Dragon Fruit

3. Tea

2. Nutmeg

1. Сashew Nuts

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