What Tests Future Nannies of Royal Kids Have to Go Through

This person has to possess excellent self-defense skills, has to be able to give medical first-aid, has to know the basics of psychology, and has to learn extreme driving. Are these requirements for becoming an FBI agent? Nope. Those are the basic skills a nanny needs in order to work for the British royal family.

Bright Side decided to find out what kind of nannies the royal family entrusts to take care of the little princes and princesses.

1. Where they study

Loving kids is not enough to become a royal babysitter. Nannies that work with royal kids get a prestigious education at Norland College, which is not accessible to everyone. An enrollee should at least be in good physical condition and have an unblemished biography. Additionally, they should speak English perfectly.

During their studies, girls not only learn how to take care of kids but they are also taught:

  • psychology;
  • history;
  • philosophy;
  • sociology;
  • literature.

2. Preliminary practice

During their studies, nannies practice on robot-kids. No nurse would be allowed to take care of a royal child if she has never tried to take care of an electronic baby. Robotized babies can wake the future nanny in the middle of the night and ask for food or simply attention. And no student is allowed to ignore the baby’s needs.

3. The nanny is also a bodyguard.

A nanny should be able to protect herself and the baby which is why the girls take self-defense lessons that are taught by former officers of military intelligence. During the last course of their 3-year-study, girls are also taught how to give medical first-aid.

4. A perfect driver

A royal nanny drives perfectly. Since the child should be in complete safety with her, nannies are taught extreme driving. By the end of the course, girls are already able to drive a car in even the most difficult conditions.

5. The chief nanny in the palace

The heir to the throne Prince William and his spouse Kate Middleton didn’t hire many nannies for taking care of their 3 kids. There is only one person responsible for their children — Maria Borrallo.

She graduated from Norland College 20 years ago and started fulfilling her duties in the royal palace when George was 8 months old. She is still helping the family.

6. The royal family is her only family.

The royal nanny should become a part of the family. She escorts the kids everywhere even during celebrations and traveling.

A nanny should also live in the palace near the kids. According to the published letters of June Waller (a nanny that helped Elizabeth II take care of her 3rd son Andrew), her work day finished at 8:30 PM and before this time she wasn’t even allowed to talk on the phone.

However, those were the rules in the 1960s. We don’t know whether they are still followed today or not.

7. She can keep secrets.

The subjects of the kingdom observe and experience many details in the life of the dukes and duchesses. There should be no rumors roaming around palaces and that’s why you won’t find a royal nanny on social media and won’t read her interview in any magazine.

When being hired any employee, including a nanny, signs a document where they promise to maintain the utmost confidentiality.

8. A royal nanny will never spank a child.

Spanking kids is forbidden for any nanny, not just the royal ones. However, it’s only Norland College that promises that none of its alumni will ever impose any corporal punishment on a child. It’s even forbidden to grab a child’s hand.

9. A nanny doesn’t replace parents.

Even these top nannies remember that parents are the most important people for a child and that’s why they never try to replace a child’s parents.

Norland College recommends that future royal nannies try to involve parents in bathing and putting the children to bed.

It’s definitely not easy to work as a royal nanny or even get hired for this position. Would you be able to devote yourself to this job? To learn martial arts, extreme driving, and exchange your home for a room in the palace? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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