What the Characters From Our Favorite Advertisements Look Like Now

It often seems that the characters in commercials and advertisements never grow up or get older — they always remain just as we remember them on candy bar wrappers or our television screens. But time stops for no one, and the stars of commercials are no exception.

We at Bright Side have put together a selection of the most unexpected transformations of our favorite advertisement characters. Just look at how much they’ve changed!

The boy on the Kinder Chocolate packaging

This youngster made his appearance as the face of Kinder Chocolate in 2005. Now, Josh Bateson is all grown up. He lives and studies in London and also works as a model.

Here’s his predecessor (or "older brother" in advertising)

Günter Euringer was the face of Kinder Chocolate from 1973 until 2005, when the aforementioned Josh replaced him. Günter is now 52 and works as a cameraman. He’s also written an autobiography with the title The Chocolate Boy.

The child depicted on the logo of Gerber baby food products

When Ann Turner Cook was five months old, her picture was submitted for a competition to be on the logo of the Gerber baby food company. The image was incredibly successful, and by 1931 her face was depicted on every single piece of packaging produced by the new brand. For most of her life, Ann worked as an English teacher and went on to write fantasy books after she retired.

The girl from the Lego commercials

Way back in 1981, a funny little red-headed girl named Rachel Giordano had her picture taken for an advert for Lego. In 2014, with the support of The Huffington Post, 37-year-old Rachel recreated the famous photograph with a more up-to-date Lego model in her hands. Rachel now works as a doctor.

The guy from the Old Spice commercials

Isaiah Mustafa made his debut as the charismatic figure in the Old Spice adverts in 2010. Since then, he’s acted in a large number of movies and TV shows, including Anger Management, Horrible Bosses, and Castle.

The boy from the Life breakfast cereal commercials

In 1972, John Gilchrist took on a role in advertisements for Life breakfast cereal. They turned out to be very popular, and for the next 12 years his face could be seen on TV. John has been in over 200 adverts, but his role as the little boy named Michael remains the best remembered one. John admits that he has no clear memory of shooting the commercial, as he was only three years old at the time. John now lives in New York and works as an advertising executive for a large company.

Colonel Sanders, the face of KFC

Everyone who’s ever set foot inside a KFC will recognize this old man’s face. But many people aren’t aware that the logo is actually based on a real person: the founder of the company and creator of the brand’s special recipe for fried chicken, Colonel Sanders.

The little girl from the Pepsi commercial

At the end of the 1990s and start of the 2000s, one cute curly-haired girl became the star of a series of Pepsi adverts. It turns out that this was actually the sister of famous actor Jesse Eisenberg (The Double, The Social Network). Her name is Hallie Eisenberg, she’s now 24, and she is also a full-time actor, having starred in Bicentennial Man and Holy Rollers. She also works on Broadway.

The girl from the Dr. Pepper advert

From 1963 to 1968, Donna Loren was the public face of Dr. Pepper, appearing on numerous occasions on posters, radio, and television. Loren was not only a singer but also an actress, appearing in numerous US movies.

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