What These 22 Everyday Objects Looked Like a Long Time Ago

Our life is constantly changing due to fast technological development. If in 1917 only 8% of households in the US had a landline telephone, today nearly 80% of the US population has a smartphone. But despite the fact that we've recently created tons of fascinating new things, some objects from the past are still frequently used – just in their improved forms.

We at Bright Side gathered the most prominent examples of everyday objects that have changed tremendously over time.

22. Kettles

21. Wristwatches

20. Irons

19. Swimsuits

18. Showers

17. Razors

16. Cameras

15. Bicycles

14. Washing machines

13. Perfume bottles

12. Kitchen scales

11. Toilets

10. Prostheses

9. High chairs

8. Chocolate bars

7. Sewing machines

6. Cash registers

5. Baby carriages

4. Speakers

3. Lamps

2. Car keys

1. Toothbrushes

Would you like to go back in time and experience our ancestors' way of life? Share your opinions in the comments!

Preview photo credit Doug Coldwell, steamshowersinc.com
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