What You Should Do If You Ever Meet the Queen

Not many people get the chance to meet the most influential figurehead of the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II. For those who do, meeting The Queen can be quite intimidating. While there are no obligatory codes of behavior when meeting The Royal Family, most people wish to observe the traditional norms.

What should you do if you are to meet The Queen? Fret not. Bright Side brings you a list of etiquette you must keep in mind, answering your queries about meeting The Queen.

9. What should you wear to the meeting?

Opt for formal clothing — those with neutral tones and modest designs. This includes a choice of clothes that don’t overshadow The Queen’s outfit. Bright colors, unnecessary skin-showing or anything offbeat should be reserved for other occasions, not this. Show respect to Her Royal Highness and dress in an elegant and sophisticated manner.

8. When should you go to the meeting?

You always go in time! As a general courtesy, you should always arrive earlier than the host. You wait for The Queen; The Queen doesn’t wait for you. Period.

7. What should you call “The Queen”?

You never address The Queen as “The Queen”. While “Queen Elizabeth” is the official title of her monarchy, you never call her this. You address her as “Your Majesty” followed by “Ma’am”. Finally, you’ll end it by using “Your Majesty”.

6. To bow or not to bow?

This is not included in the protocol but it’s considered appropriate if one does a small gesture. When meeting Her Majesty, the ladies do a traditional curtsy, but the men perform a small bow from the neck. Small, simple, and sweet.

5. Do you shake hands with The Queen?

The bow/curtsy can be followed with a handshake. However, you must never offer your hand first. You shake your hand with The Queen only if she offers her hand first, don’t shake it too firmly.

4. Can you touch The Queen, perchance?

No. Her Majesty should not be touched at any time, not even accidentally. Save that for when she shakes your hand. Other than that, the no-touch policy is strictly obeyed. You walk behind her and adjust your speed according to hers.

3. What should you talk about with The Queen?

Smile, be pleasant and let her do the talking. Striking a conversation with The Queen is not the protocol. You don’t start the topic or change the topic while having that brief conversation with her Majesty.

2. What should you never do?

You are there to meet one of the most influential people in the world. It is considered severely rude to do certain things including:

  • Turning your back on The Queen
  • Gazing away from her
  • Clicking selfies
  • Asking for photographs or autographs
  • Walking ahead of her
  • Leaving before The Queen
  • Asking personal or political questions

1. What should you definitely do?

Here’s what you should do:

  • Form a semi-circle while greeting The Queen, if in a group.
  • Be empty-handed. Avoid having anything in your hand when meeting her.
  • Let The Queen take the lead.
  • Smile.

That’s The Queen for you! Grace in her wave, cheer in her smile, find impeccability in her style — these are just some of the traits that adorn the longest reigning monarch in British history.

Did you know Queen Elizabeth II is also The Queen of Australia? Do you know any other curious facts about Her Majesty? Are there any other rules that must be followed while meeting her? Fill us in!

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