Why are these famous brands dropping letters from their names?

The letters A, B, and O are disappearing from logos and signs in the biggest companies in the world, but the reason why has nothing to do with vandalism. This particular campaign aims to raise public awareness about the importance of donating blood.

The organization NHS Blood and Transplant and PR agency Engine Group have launched the 'Missing type' campaign, asking companies to drop the letters that signify blood types from their logos.

This campaign aims to warn about the 30% decrease in blood donors over the last decade and to encourage more people to become blood donors.

A number of notable companies and landmarks have already joined the cause.

Brands such as Google, Microsoft, Santander, Tesco, and even cities like Amsterdam and Toronto have removed the letters A, B, and O from their logos and landmarks to raise awareness about the importance of blood donation.

The campaign succeeded: in just 10 days after it launched, a record 30,000 new donors had signed up.

Every two seconds someone across the world needs a life-saving blood transfusion. We at Bright Side hope you will consider joining this important cause by becoming a donor.

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