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Why Girls Who Have Strong Female Role Models Often Become More Successful

Most successful women try to surround themselves with other women, as research has found. The number of these female leaders is at approximately 75%. Chances are, if there’s a role model around you, you’re more likely to achieve great results.

We at Bright Side have become curious about what helps women become successful in life and found some new facts that can be helpful in raising the kids of the future.

Women get more confident in their careers when they have a female role model.

Women apply for a job only if they meet 100% of the requirements, according to research. The main problem is a lack of confidence which may be due to the small number of female leaders around. Last year, we saw that the number of women in technology and business had grown. Women are becoming more independent and confident after seeing so many successful women thrive in their careers.

When there’s an example of a woman with a successful career, it increases confidence in young girls who look up to them. They feel that they can also do the same.

They get more inspired by female professors than male ones.

To be inspired is important since it motivates and pushes us to grow, but it can happen in different ways. It was first noticed that female students preferred female professors after observing how they chose a major. Having a female professor as a role model for a girl is important, not just for inspiration but for their future studies as well.

Professors came to this conclusion when they saw female students having great results with female mentors who inspired them.

They can solve problems better if their mother is a role model.

One curious study showed that daughters of employed mothers across 29 countries are 1.21 times more likely to be employed and have higher annual earnings. When your mother is a role model, you adopt a lot of her good habits and behavior.

A successful woman and the author of the book, What I Told My Daughter says that the role of a mother has a huge effect on a daughter, especially when it comes to the ability to solve problems in the future. She surveyed over 600 women about their ambitions and found that it was their mother who had the greatest impact on their desire to grow.

Both parents are important in raising a successful child, but a girl is more likely to be influenced by the behavior of her mother. Her positive and healthy attitude toward life is the first seed you can plant in a successful child. However, it doesn’t mean that you as a mother can’t make any mistakes — it just means you have to show her a good example when attempting to fix them.

They’re more likely to associate themselves with female leaders.

To be more successful, you need a good example, not just a teacher. Successful women advise having a strong female role model in a professional field that you like. For example, if you want to be an actress, you should look up to a woman who inspires you in the acting arena. She serves as a reminder for what you need to achieve in order to get on her level.

They feel that they deserve more if there’s a female role model.

Just imagine yourself in a world where everyone tells you or thinks that you don’t deserve your dreams to come true. Sooner or later, you’re going to believe them, even if it’s not true. According to a study, stereotypes often are a big barrier to women’s leadership. Stereotypes make us feel that we don’t deserve more.

If there’s a female role model nearby who achieved great results in life, stereotypes get broken. It’s easier to believe that you not only can be a leader but also deserve to be one when there’s a real example of one who you respect.

They become better at financial management.

Historically, women were blocked from the financial aspects of life for a long time. Nowadays, we may hear such stories about women who faced trouble after getting divorced because they had only focused on parenting and never dealt with the financial side of things. The right female role models teach us from childhood how to manage money by ourselves. They show us that you can be a good parent and financial manager at the same time.

Successful businesswomen share what it’s like to earn and manage money and how to be financially independent. These things are big aspects of being successful.

Who was your role model when you were a child or a teen? Share your stories about how successful women positively influenced your life down below!