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Why Lazy People Should Start Showing Up to Work Early


The words “being lazy” and “showing up early” may not belong in the same sentence but hear us out! Just by arriving to work early, your laziness can be disguised as diligence. This way, you can continue living a lazy lifestyle in a more beneficial way. A little less sleep will help you do the least you can and still get the most out of your day.

At Bright Side, we’ve listed the best reasons for you to set your alarm a bit earlier than usual tomorrow.

You can do whatever you want at your own pace.

To go to work early, you need to start your day early. This will allow you to plan your time as you like. If you want to take a long shower followed by a facial or watch the last episode of your favorite show, it’s not a problem at all! This also means that you’ll enjoy yourself more and start feeling more positive about your overall life. And since you’ll turn the most dreadful period of your day into something of your own, waking up early for work won’t sound that scary anymore. A positive attitude toward your job can save you from depression and anxiety.

You can forget about dealing with a horrible commute.

Rush hour is called this for a reason: everyone is rushing — well, except for you. If you start leaving your house earlier, public transportation will feel like your own personal ride thanks to all the free space and breathable air inside. Because the lower number of early risers won’t cause a commotion, you’ll be moving through traffic more easily and your route will feel shorter. If you’re driving, instead of waiting for the evening rush to be over at your office, you can ask for permission to leave work a bit early since you had already come in early. This little change will make your life more stress-free.

You can finally get some “me-time.”

Small things can make all the difference, especially if you're living in a busy city. When there's always time to drop into your favorite coffee place, take pretty pictures, or take the scenic route, you'll be more tolerant of possible awkward situations during the day since you'll have had a break to relax and a moment for yourself to fill your batteries up. This mindful lifestyle will improve your overall wellness if you consider how much work stress can affect your general health.

You can fly under the radar.

You've already woken up before everyone else, you've done your part, planned your day, prepared your moves and replied to your e-mails. You're now in a good place and people are going to remember that! Even if you keep it less ambitious during the day, you've already presented yourself as a hard-worker and this will give you the advantage when it comes to dealing with co-workers. And once you make yourself known as the "earliest staffer," it'll be very unlikely that people will mention your few late check-ins. Even if you're one of the very few faces who are always around, regardless of how early you are greeting everyone, you're entitled to be late occasionally. Remember, people mostly remember the "firsts" and "lasts" and you know you don't want to be remembered as last.

Will you give showing up to work early for the sake of laziness a chance? Share your experiences with the Bright Side community in the comments.

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