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You Can Now Buy Leggings That Will Turn Your Booty Into a Corgi’s, and It’s a Thing

Take a minute to think about what could be cuter than a fluffy heart-shaped corgi’s booty. Can’t think of anything? Well, obviously, it would be your booty with a corgi’s booty on it! And thanks to the universe, there are already leggings that have turned this idea into reality.

We at Bright Side picked some examples of these leggings in action. Look for more corgi booty-shaped products in the bonus section and be sure to hide your wallet until the charm has dissolved.

See this booty? It can be yours!

You can proudly wear them to the gym or while taking a walk alone or with your fluffy friends.

There are only positive reviews that highlight quality and service.

Bonus: Check out these other products that were inspired by a corgi’s best asset!

10. Sweet (to see) and tasty (to eat) buns!

9. Clay brooches to add a special touch to your look

8. A mouse pad to save you from wrist pain

7. A case you could look at to forget about daily stress

6. A pillow that will always support your head

5. A purse that looks nothing like a purse (and it serves as great protection from thieves)

4. Make your friends wonder what’s stuck to your beret and then laugh together.

3. A cookie-cutter that will make your mouth water just by looking at its creations

2. An earphone case that makes any song more enjoyable

1. House shoes that will add coziness to your day

Do you know of anything as adorable as a corgi’s booty? What product would you choose to buy that would be made in this sweet shape?