10 Movie Mistakes in Human vs Animal Fight Scenes That Can Make You Raise Your Eyebrows

As a rule, scenes with animals fighting people are really spectacular. But sometimes, as film directors try to create mind-blowing scenes, they completely forget about some biological aspects. Well, these scenes really make our blood run cold but animal experts always notice such goofs and add, “No, I don’t believe this.”

Bright Side has watched a few films containing human vs animal scenes. We’d like to invite you to have a look at these moments that can never happen in real life.

1. The Revenant (2015)

The episode where Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) is attacked by a mother bear is one of the most spectacular and unrealistic moments in this film. The predator tears the hero with its claws and fangs and jumps on him. For your information: Bears’ bite force is 1,160psi (as if a human bit a sausage), their claws are 4-6 in long, and their weight is around 660-880 lb. As you can see, it’s impossible to survive such a fight.

Here’s another strange thing. The grizzly bear attacks the main character because he’s a threat to its cubs. There’s nothing more important for a mother than protecting her children, but the bear just stops in the middle of their fight, leaves its alive victim, and goes away.

In another scene, Glass takes his wet clothes off and hides inside the horse to get warm. It’s a method used by many soldiers during wars but... the hero spends a whole night inside. Since the snow is everywhere, we understand that it’s below zero and the corpse should freeze in a few hours. If it happened in real life, the hero wouldn’t have a chance to get out in the morning. He’d probably freeze to death at night.

All in all, though The Revenant is based on a true story, it’s better to treat it as a feature film.

Alpha (2018)

In this film, we enjoy the magnificent scenery and the beautiful friendship of a boy and a wolf. But there are many goofs that are quite obvious.

In the beginning, there’s a fight between the boy and a buffalo. But we can’t actually call it a fight: the animal just attacks the boy and, if it happened in real life, cripples the human. At the end of the attack scene, the boy falls down from a rock. But surprisingly, the hero comes away from it all with only a dislocated hip.

The wolf’s behavior is rather strange too. Its injury doesn’t look too severe and a wild animal would rather follow its flock than stay with an enemy — a wolf can move on its 3 legs.

A few words about wolves’ appearance. We see huge ancient mammoths and saber-toothed cats but gray predators already look like modern wolves and their size doesn’t exceed the size of average dogs. How do they survive in the world of giants?

The Meg (2018)

Here’s another recently released film. It’s about a giant shark. It’s hard to discuss the appearance and behavior of prehistoric monsters but all creatures obey certain biological laws.

As for the size of the shark, it’s said that the movie creature is 70-75 ft long. But scientists think that its size is 60 ft.

One of the heroes also claims that such a shark can easily bite a whale in half. But they don’t specify the size of the whale. What do we imagine when we think about whales? Right, something really huge. But there are whales that only 13-16 ft long (dwarf sperm whales.) The size of a blue whale is 110 ft — almost twice the size of the shark.

As for the bite force, the shark might bite a whale in half (considering the fact that it can bite a ship in half.) But would the shark be able to open its jaws that wide? Scientists have really proved that megalodons could attack whales but these whales weren’t big (40-50 ft long.)

Several times, the shark attacks one single person (one of the main heroes, as a rule.) But scientists don’t think that such behavior is typical for an ancient predator. It probably wouldn’t go after one or 2 humans — it’d rather swim through and scoop up several humans (for example, at the beach.)

Let’s also remember the beach scene where the megalodon hunts at the end of the film. The shark approaches swimmers who are too far from the shore and opens its jaws to swallow them. But it suddenly hears a record with whales’ voices and swims away.

In real life, the predator probably would swallow easy targets right under its nose and then go and get other victims.

Have you noticed any mistakes or goofs in films with animals? Share your findings with us.

Preview photo credit The Revenant / 20th Century Fox
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