10 of the Coolest TV Shows Featuring the World’s Greatest Actors

The time has long since passed when TV shows took second place in quality to movies. Nowadays, many of them are just as absorbing and well-made as their cousins on the silver screen, with budgets and special effects to match. But what's really starting to make people love the current crop of TV shows is the fact that many of their favorite actors are starring in them more and more.

Bright Side put together a list of 10 serials that you should see if only for the acting talent they have on display (and their superb story lines, of course).

House of Cards

Who: Kevin Spacey

Ambitious Congressman Frank Underwood helps Garrett Walker become President of the United States in return for being promised the position of Secretary of State. However, after the elections Underwood learns that he won't get the coveted job. Furious at the betrayal, Frank and his wife are prepared to do quite literally anything it takes in order to have their revenge.

Penny Dreadful

Who: Eva Green, Timothy Dalton

Victorian London. The city's streets are filled with all kinds of filth, and there are seemingly no limits to the horror its inhabitants can mete out upon each other. You're probably familiar with many of these characters already: Dorian Gray, Jekyll and Hyde, Count Dracula from Transylvania, Doctor Frankenstein and his monstrous creation. On the hunt for human bodies and souls, they divide the dark streets of London between themselves.


Who: Adrien Brody

This is the story of how Harry Houdini became famous all over the world. It charts his path from childhood in an impoverished family to internationally renowned illusionist. Despite low expectations, the show not only reveals some of Houdini's real stage secrets but also plunges you completely into that atmosphere of magic, mysticism, and fantasy in which he lived.


Who: Anthony Hopkins

In a futuristic amusement park, androids are used as slaves, carrying out ritual tasks against historical sets - until a bug in their programming turns them into dangerous killers.

The Night Manager

Who: Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie

In this highly original story, a night manager at a European hotel (Tom Hiddleston) is recruited by secret service agents for a special task. He has to find favor in the eyes of a millionaire (Hugh Laurie) in order to prove his participation in the arms business.

A Young Doctor's Notebook

Who: Daniel Radcliffe

In unsettled revolutionary times, a young doctor arrives in a small village where he sets about tending to the local population. This is no easy task for the show's protagonist, as he must deal with the difficulties of his profession as well as those caused by the superstitions of his patients.

True Detective

Who: Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson, Colin Farrell, Vince Vaughn, Rachel McAdams

In Louisiana in 1995, a girl is murdered in strange circumstances. In 2012, the case is reopened when a similar murder occurs. To make progress in their investigation, the police decide to question the former detectives who worked on the case in 1995.

Parade's End

Who: Benedict Cumberbatch

Parade's End tells the story of a love triangle. In one corner is an English aristocrat; in another, his beautiful wife; in the third, a young Suffragette activist.


Who: Sarah Jessica Parker

Francis is going through a long and difficult divorce, one which forces her to look at the years of her life spent with her partner in a new way. Turning over a new leaf, she learns, is a lot harder than she realized.

Mildred Pierce

Who: Kate Winslet, Guy Pearce

Life brings Mildred Pierce some sad surprises, forcing her to search for a way out of the complicated circumstances she finds herself in. Left alone with two children, she is forced to build her life from nothing during the harsh years of the Great Depression.

So which TV shows starring famous actors do you like? Let us know in the comments!

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