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10 Oscar Ceremony Stories Everyone Feels Too Awkward to Recall

The Oscar award ceremony is not only one of the most prestigious shows in the movie industry but also one of the biggest. In order to make sure that everything goes as planned on the important day, there are hundreds of people working and thinking through every single detail of the event. But, despite all their hard work, awkward situations can happen at any event. Something can always go wrong.

We at Bright Side decided to recall the most awkward and weird situations that happened during this amazing award show.

Ben Stiller turned into an Avatar character

In 2010, the comedian Ben Stiller was supposed to give an award to the winner for Best Makeup and Hairstyling. The actor decided to do something special and he appeared on stage looking like an Avatar character. This transformation and his speech seemed quite unexpected and strange for the audience. You can see his full appearance here.

The whole world found out that Nicole Kidman doesn’t know how to clap.

One of the most elegant actresses of today acted in a weird way at the 2017 Oscars. The clips of her unusual clapping went viral, and internet users tried to come up with different explanations as to why she clapped this way.

But Kidman explained everything by herself soon after. It turned out that that night, she was wearing a huge and expensive ring that she didn’t want to damage. This is why she applauded in this weird-looking fashion.

Björk laid an egg while wearing a “swan dress.”

The dress that Björk was wearing for the 2001 Oscars is one of the most unusual and outrageous in the history of the ceremony. The singer was wearing a swan dress and she loved her costume so much that she decided to lay a huge egg on the red carpet by dropping her egg-shaped white handbag. It is hard to tell how Björk was feeling, but the people around were clearly embarrassed.

Will Rogers didn’t see the nominee’s last name and gave the award to the wrong person.

The host of the 1934 ceremony was actor Will Rogers, who was not very attentive and didn’t study the list of all the nominees carefully before the show. This is why there was a mistake during the Best Director nomination. Instead of just reading the first and the last name of the winner, Rogers just said, “Come and get your statue, Frank.” But the problem was that there were 2 directors with the name Frank that year, so after the first one stood up and rushed to the stage, it was clarified that it was the other Frank that really won.

Seth MacFarlane put several famous actresses on the spot with his song about things they might not like to discuss.

In 2013, one of the hosts of the show was the creator of Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane. And he tried hard to make everyone laugh at his jokes. He was pretty successful, but there were a few times he went a bit too far. Many people were shocked by his song “We Saw Your Boobs.” In the song, MacFarlane talks about the actresses whose breasts were seen on screen and he even said the titles of the films. Even the men that were listening were really uncomfortable. And you can see the reaction of the women in the photos below.

Roberto Benigni was so happy that he walked on the backs of the seats in the hall.

In 1999, actor and director Roberto Benigni won 2 Oscars for his film La Vita è Bella. When he got the second statue, he was so happy that he climbed on the back of his seat and walked to the stage almost on other people’s heads. Some people were happy for the director and others thought he was weird and disrespectful to others.

John Travolta called an actress by someone else’s name.

During the 2014 ceremony, John Travolta made a big mistake which made him the main character of memes for the next few months. Instead of saying the name of the singer of the soundtrack for Frozen, Idina Menzel, he said, “The wickedly talented, one and only, Adele Dazeem!” The guests of the ceremony were shocked by the confusion and some colleagues made jokes about Travolta even during the next Oscar ceremony.

Chrissy Teigen fell asleep in the middle of the ceremony.

During the 2017 ceremony, when Casey Affleck was receiving his award, the attention of the viewers was caught by a different star in the hall. The wife of musician John Legend, model Chrissy Teigen, was obviously so tired that she fell asleep on her husband’s shoulder. And even though nobody in the hall paid attention, internet users didn’t let this slide.

Jennifer Garner fell and could have felt embarrassed but she didn’t.

Nobody is surprised when a star falls during the Oscar ceremony. But some of them look awkward and Jennifer Garner didn’t. In 2006, she was on her way to get on the stage to give the award to the winner for Best Sound Editing and she tripped on her long dress. But instead of getting embarrassed, she said, “I do my stunts by myself.” The audience absolutely loved the joke.

The confusion with the winners that will go down in history

Of course, when it comes to mistakes during the Oscar ceremony, we can’t ignore the 2017 fail. Then, because of confusion, the wrong film was announced when the Best Picture nomination was awarded. The actors of La La Land were already on the stage and had started their speech when the organizer interrupted them. He said it was a mistake and in fact, the best film was Moonlight. This was a big mistake that was discussed for a very long time after the show.

Bonus: Justin Timberlake was having as much fun as he could.

During the 2017 ceremony, Justin Timberlake was on fire. He made faces behind his wife’s back, he made jokes while she was being interviewed, and then he cut into the conversations between Emma Stone and a journalist. He definitely managed to attract attention to himself.

Do you watch the Oscar ceremonies? What moments do you remember the most?

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