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11 Awesome Comedies to Give You a Good Laugh

A tough day at work often makes straining your brain the last thing you want to do. So down with lofty melodramas and tricky mysteries and hooray to funny, interesting, and hilarious movies!

Bright Side has compiled a list of 11 great comedies guaranteed to make you laugh your brains out and forget all about your troubles.

The Nice Guys

A bodyguard and a private investigator have to cooperate to find a missing girl - a case that turns out to become the crime of the century. Both have their own methods, and both get into lots of trouble thanks to those. Great cast, that '70s vibe, and a stylish soundtrack.


Plump and awkward Susan seems the least likely CIA agent. However, when the world is in danger, no one but her can save the day. Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham, and Jude Law are particularly awesome in this hilarious spy action flick parody.

The Guard

Women, booze, and roaring laughter are the simple pleasures of Irish cop Sergeant Gerry Boyle. However, his daily routine in a sleepy town explodes when an FBI agent comes to recruit him to track down a gang of drug dealers. An incredibly colorful comedy with tons of great jokes.

The Heat

An FBI agent and a Boston police officer are given a serious mission to track down and neutralize a ruthless drug lord. The ladies are on fire in this comedy, demonstrating their astonishing talent. It's a real pleasure to watch their adventures.


Amy has never had a serious relationship. Being a journalist for a big magazine for men, she gets an assignment to write an article about Aaron, a sports doctor, and this encounter turns Amy's life upside down. Lots of locker room jokes and no limitations!

Run Fatboy Run

Dennis Doyle, anything but athletic, must run the London Marathon. He must, for he wants to get back the love and respect of Libby, the woman he abandoned on their wedding day....pregnant! This would've been awfully sad if it wasn't so hilariously done.

Up for Love

Un homme à la hauteur

A lost cell phone leads Diane to an encounter with an incredible man: Alexandre. He's smart, tireless, and unbelievably charming. He has a wonderful sense of humor and seems to have no drawbacks...except for one: he's just over three feet tall. A movie full of ludicrous situations and purely French humor.

Just Go With It

Danny meets Palmer and tells her about his nonexistent wife and the hardships of family life to impress her. Now Palmer is dying to meet his wife, and that makes Danny ask his colleague Katherine and her kids to play his family for a little while. A kind and light comedy.

Hot Fuzz

Nicholas is a cop, and he's been transferred from London to a rustic town where he's trying to get used to rural life and his witless new partner, Danny. A series of murders makes him believe this place isn't as safe as it seems. British killer jokes and the hilarious coupling of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost won't let you get bored.

The Proposal

The main heroine is a big boss hated by all her subordinates. When she's threatened with a transfer to Canada, she decides to become best buddies with her young assistant and even arrange a mock marriage with him. A funny little romantic comedy with tons of moments to laugh at.

The Hangover

A movie about a crazy stag night. The heroes go so far that the night becomes literally unforgettable: they have to reconstruct the events of it in the morning or else they'll never find out why one of them has a missing tooth...and where the heck has the bridegroom gone?

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