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12 Actors That Directors Don’t Trust With Big Roles in Movies Anymore


Sooner or later, every actor’s career starts to decline, which can happen for various reasons. Some actors aren’t hired because of their bad reputation while some just aren’t the right type for a certain role. And there are some actors that simply want to take a break from everything and go surfing in the ocean!

Bright Side remembers the actors we haven’t seen on the big screen for a long time and found out why their names are no longer all over movie posters.

1. One of the most beautiful actresses, Jessica Alba, never managed to prove the most important thing to directors.

According to Jessica Alba, the fact that she never had many leading roles has to do with the fact that directors and other people in the industry weren’t ever able to determine her ethnicity. This is why she has always been treated like someone “exotic.” Despite this, Alba still managed to land some notable roles in Fantastic Four, Sin City, Awake, and Honey, for example.

All the superhero films she did were complete failures. And after that, she started doing films that got even lower ratings. The 2011 film, An Invisible Sign was absolutely terrible. Movie critic Andrew Schenker called her performance “odd” and “inexpressive.”

She has 3 Golden Raspberry nominations and 1 win for the film Little Fockers. Now, after a long break, Alba is trying to return to the profession but at this point, she hasn’t been very successful.

2. Tom Hiddleston seems to have ruined things with his Golden Globe acceptance speech.

Tom Hiddleston is believed to be one of the most hardworking actors but in most cases, he’s still not the first choice of directors when it comes to casting. He got the role in Crimson Peak only after Benedict Cumberbatch turned it down, and he replaced Michael Fassbender in Only Lovers Left Alive. Even the character Loki everyone loved so much wasn’t all that simple: in the beginning, Jim Carrey was supposed to play the role.

Recently, Hiddleston has been doing Marvel projects exclusively. There are a couple of reasons for this: his bad romance with singer Taylor Swift that served as bad PR, and his fatal acceptance speech at the Golden Globe ceremony in 2017. His speech seemed to be too narcissistic and arrogant and he even apologized for it later.

3. Gwyneth Paltrow’s attitude toward her colleagues was ridiculous.

People from the media, colleagues, and many others in communication with Gwyneth Paltrow accused her of being snobby. Her partners on set often claimed that it was hard for them to work with the actress because she was disrespectful to everyone that had a “lower status” than her.

This is a big reason why you can only see Gwyneth Paltrow in Marvel movies these days. Gwyneth sometimes forgets the names of the colleagues she works with and the titles of the projects she does. In July 2019, during a cooking show, she couldn’t remember that she had taken part in the film, Spider-Man: Homecoming. Later, Tom Holland, who played the role of Spider-Man, made a joke that it hit him right in his heart.

A different Marvel actor, Sebastian Stan who we know as Bucky, also reminded us that Paltrow forgets a lot of things. On his Instagram, he posted a photo from a fashion show where he wrote that he was happy to introduce himself to Gwyneth for the third time.

4. Brendan Fraser couldn’t handle all his problems.

Brendan Fraser quickly climbed Mt. Hollywood Olympus! His role in The Mummy earned him a lot of fans. In 2008, he starred in another hit flick, Journey to the Center of the Earth, but unfortunately, when it was time to do the sequel, problems arose. The actor didn’t want to work with a new director, so he was quickly replaced by Dwayne Johnson. After this, he never got another big role and his career started to decline very fast.

At the end of 2016, Fraser gave an interview related to the TV series The Affair. In the interview, he seemed very sad and grim. In fact, he spoke in a whisper most of the time. This video went viral and memes appeared thereafter as they often do these days. Later, the actor told the journalist that a short time before, his mother died of cancer which was why he seemed so lost and unable to carry a normal conversation.

Family issues, divorce, his son’s disease (he’s on the autism spectrum), and many surgeries are all things that really affected the psychological state of the actor. He was on a forced break from his work. Now, he’s trying to return back to work, taking part in various TV series.

5. Uma Thurman’s ex-husband forced her to make a difficult choice.

Uma Thurman used to be one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood. Of course, director Quentin Tarantino helped her with that. But over time, the hype around the actress started to disappear and now we don’t see her on the big screen as often.

One of the reasons for this decline is the crazy money that Thurman required for her participation in different films. Directors weren’t willing to take the risk because the money she asked for was sometimes bigger than the entire budget of the film!

Besides this, her career was also affected by the problems she had with her ex-husband, Arpad Busson. In 2016, he gave Thurman an ultimatum: if she started to appear in movies again, she would never be able to see their daughter. She had to involve lawyers to solve the problem.

6. Even Michael Pitt’s agent couldn’t deal with his temper.

Michael Pitt, who you may have seen in The Dreamers, and I Origins, was fired from the show Boardwalk Empire before the release of season 3. He violated the rules of ethics and behaved inappropriately on set. He was regularly late, forgot his lines, and argued with the director.

He was a very promising actor but nobody was willing to put up with his quirks. Even Pitt’s agent couldn’t handle things and refused to work with him because he was one of the most difficult clients he had and always had problems with him.

7. The happiest event in a woman’s life became a real challenge for Hayden Panettiere.

After her memorable role in Heroes, Hayden Panettiere took part in a successful show called Nashville. She was even nominated for Golden Globe in 2012 and 2013 for her work. But everything changed when the actress had a daughter.

In 2015, she was treated in a hospital for postpartum depression. It took Panettiere a long time to recover, so obviously, she couldn’t take part in any projects.

After she broke up with boxer Wladimir Klitschko in 2018, Panettiere started dating actor Brian Hickerson. Soon after, she filed a lawsuit against him, accusing him of domestic violence. Despite the incident, they’re still reportedly together. Considering the circumstances of her personal life, it’s not surprising that her career isn’t developing.

8. Michael Fassbender found something better to do.

As sad as it is, all this actor’s latest films were disasters. In his Time Out interview, Michael Fassbender said that he was going to take a break from his career and wasn’t sure if he would ever come back.

Many people started blaming Fassbender and calling him a coward but he says his decision was right because he had been working a lot over the years and he deserved a rest.

Now he spends all of his free time surfing and is interested in professional racing. Since 2016, he’s been a member of the Ferrari team and has won several competitions.

9. A conflict with one of the most popular actors of our time pushed Vin Diesel out of the picture.

Over the past few years, Vin Diesel has done voice acting exclusively. Of course, his most memorable appearance was in Guardians of the Galaxy where he gave Groot his voice. The actor is still popular only because he appears in huge, neverending franchises. This is why when it comes to leading roles in films, directors and producers are never likely to cast him.

His most recent notable works are The Last Witch Hunter and XXX: Return of Xander Cage. The box office earned $27 million (with a budget of $90 million) and $40 million (with a budget of $85 million), respectively. Additionally, his public feud with Dwayne Johnson, who is extremely popular right now, stops Diesel from getting big roles.

10. Catherine Zeta-Jones’ personal issues took all of her attention.

Private issues can affect one’s acting career one way or another. When in 2013, the media started publishing news that Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas lived separately and were close to getting a divorce, it was too much for the actress. As a result, she developed depression.

By 2016, the relationship between the actors was repaired but the problem was replaced with a new one. In her interview, Zeta-Jones told the world that she had bipolar disorder. From then on, her psychological health was a top priority.

At the moment, Catherine Zeta-Jones is doing everything she can to return to the industry. In 2017, the TV series Feud was released which featured the actress in a supporting role. However, actress Olivia Mary de Havilland who was the prototype for Zeta-Jones’ character wasn’t satisfied with the actress’s work.

11. Ashley Greene finally got a leading role but her reality was very different from her expectations.

Unfortunately, sometimes participating in a very popular franchise has a negative effect on your acting career. In Ashley Greene’s case, her role earned her many fans but on the other hand, nobody wanted to see her in different roles.

In 2012, she played the leading role in the horror film, The Apparition. The budget of the film was just $17 million but the movie only earned $4.9 million and critics didn’t think the film was any good. After this, directors have been more careful about hiring Greene for any leading roles in their projects.

12. It would’ve been easier for Jessica Biel if Anne Hathaway hadn’t become an actress.

Today, many people remember Jessica Biel only when they think about her famous husband, Justin Timberlake. Her most recent, notable work was on the show, The Sinner that was released in 2017.

Directors see the actress as a beautiful girl from romantic comedies and they’re rarely eager to give her roles in more serious projects. In 2012, Jessica auditioned for the role of Catwoman in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Legend Rises, but Anne Hathaway got the part. Later, Biel wanted to get the role of Fantine in the musical Les Misérables but again, Anne Hathaway snagged the role.

Biel thinks that her appearance also plays a part in her ability to get work. Nobody wants to see the talent of a good dramatic actress behind a beautiful face and fit body.

Which of these actors would you like to see in the leading role of a new, successful film?