12 Brilliant Life Lessons Taught to Us by the Movies

Some cinematic clichés are so firmly ingrained in our brain that we just can’t help trying to act them out in real life.

Ever ready to help, Bright Side offers you a handy practical guide to make that thin line between your everyday existence and the wonderful world of movies even blurrier!

1. If you decide to permanently move to another country, rest assured: at the very last moment, that "one and only" guy will turn up at the airport, beg you to stay, and confess his undying love for you.

2. A maniac crept into your house and killed all your friends one by one? The right thing to do at this point is to search all the rooms, preferably without turning on the lights. For best results, climb down to the basement, shouting, "Hey, is anybody there?"

3. Remember once and for all: glasses are the best disguise. Not even your own mom will recognize you if you put on a pair of specs!

4. Absolutely every bomb has a dial with flashing red numbers counting down to zero. If you haven’t managed to defuse the thing in time, don’t worry — the blast wave will carry you a safe distance away without causing any harm.

5. All surveillance cameras record the video in crystal clear quality, so you’ll always be able to zoom in and identify the criminal.

6. Girls are incredibly clumsy: they constantly trip for no apparent reason, only to fall right into the arms of some handsome man.

7. Whenever a person wakes up from a nightmare, he or she sits up in bed abruptly and begins to scream (or, at the very least, to pant heavily). More often than not, when such a thing happens, there’s a full moon shining through the window.

8. You’ve never kissed in the rain? There must be something seriously wrong with your life!

9. Taking a shower while alone in the house is a very bad idea...

10. Beware of mirrors! For some reason, they’re a favorite hiding place for monsters and ghosts.

11. The whole world has long switched to using L-shaped blankets: the type that only covers a man’s lower torso while always managing to conceal a woman’s chest.

12. And, finally, when suddenly faced with any type of danger, don’t forget to shout, "NO-O-O-O-O-O!"

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