12 Cartoon Laws of Physics That Don’t Leave Reality a Chance

These cartoons made generations of children laugh to the point of tears.

Bright Side decided to take a look into the depths of fantasy worlds and make a list of physics laws used in them that can’t be explained no matter how hard you try. And why would you, by the way?


A character running into an abyss continues walking in the air until he realizes his situation and only then starts falling.


Dynamite explosions destroy things, tear apart characters’ clothes, and cover them in soot, but the characters themselves stay safe and sound.


Anyone rushing at a solid obstacle, be it a wall, a ceiling, or a snowdrift, goes straight through, leaving their silhouette on the surface.


No dangerous activity does permanent harm to the characters.


Any character unlucky enough to be under a press, a truck, a car, or to fall from a serious height ends up flattened.

Imaginary objects

Any object that a cartoon character thinks of can appear in his hands at once.

Drawn passages

A passage or a tunnel drawn on a wall usually widens just enough to let the main character go through. Normally, his pursuer won’t be able to do so and crashes into the wall.

Holes in walls

The first character to get to the wall or fence is able to change the position of the passage.

Swallowed objects

Characters who swallow an object, or meet it halfway on the run, stretch around it and take its shape.

A strong determination

The laws of physics cease to apply if a character is determined to do something or feels fear or any other powerful emotion.

Objects falling on the head

An anvil, a hammer, a post, or any other heavy object always falls slowly and right onto the character’s head.


Mr. Krabs doesn’t care about reality. This character is listnening to music right through his eyes.

P.S. In the making of this article, 57 episodes of different cartoons were watched, 2 of them in slow motion; 4 packs of chips were eaten; no cartoon was harmed.

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