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12 Documentaries to Pump Up Your Brain and Help You Look at the World With New Eyes

Most of us have favorite TV shows and movies and sometimes it’s hard to imagine resting after a long working day without them. However, the abundance of fiction stories available might make us miss the movies about real events and phenomena that could broaden our horizons.

Bright Side editorial stands guard over your limitless thinking and that’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best documentaries and TV series of recent years just for you.

The Price of Everything (2018)

IMDb score: 7.2

This 2-time Oscar nominee is trying to figure out how the price of art is formed. Influential creators, organizers of auctions, and other specialists in the research area help him do that.

Our Planet (2019)

This is a mini-series about the difficult life of wildlife in the face of climate change. The team of the famous series Our Planet created by BBC has been working on it for 4 years. It’s narrated by the famous naturalist, David Attenborough. The team, which consisted of 600 people, visited 50 countries on different continents in order to assess humans’ influence on flora and fauna.

The True Cost (2015)

This scandalous documentary researches the inner secrets of the fashion world, searching for the answer to the question: “What is the price of fashion?” The people behind this film did a great job and visited not only fashion shows but also third world countries where they discovered the shocking truth about the industry.

Fire in Paradise (2019)

Bushfires have become a global problem for all of humanity. At first, it was Siberia and now Australia has been damaged by this restless force. But few of us know about the tragedy of Paradise City in California that happened in the autumn of 2018. The fire that broke out due to a malfunction in the power lines turned the small town into ashes, where only the most desperate inhabitants remained. Even more fire swept through a huge part of the state but the movie shows the story the way it’s remembered by the people who inhabited the once fire-ridden city.

Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World (2016)

Documentarist Werner Herzog together with other specialists in this field explored the past and forecasted the future of the World Wide Web. Even Elon Musk took part in the research. Herzog wanted to find out how the Internet managed to become such an important part of our lives, showing that even Tibetan monks check their Twitter accounts after meditations.

Ice on Fire (2019)

This is a documentary about the ecological crisis and was produced by Leonardo DiCaprio. Unlike other similar films, it says that not everything is lost for humanity if we take necessary action. In the movie, these helpful actions are revealed.

Why Are We Creative: The Centipede’s Dilemma (2018)

The movie was created by Hermann Vaske who has been exploring creativity by communicating with directors, painters, musicians, and scientists. He interviewed more than 100 people, trying to understand how to take control over creativity.

The Cleaners (2018)

The movie is designed to demonstrate the ins and outs of “digital cleaning” which is the activity of removing unnecessary information from the Internet. 5 experienced cleaners share the secrets of this profession. The film’s creators also interviewed people from different ends of the world who are strongly influenced by censorship on the net.

Apollo 11 (2019)

This documentary is about the landing of astronauts on the moon. It contains rare videos and interviews with the participants of the epoch-making event. The purpose of the movie is simple: to dispel all doubts about the reality of the event that are still quite strong.

Visages Villages (2017)

This is a movie adventure where the director, Agnes Varda and photographer, J.R. journey around the suburbs of France. It’s an amazing movie about occasional meetings, unusual friendships, and the beauty of the surrounding world. The documentary was nominated for an Oscar in 2018.

One Strange Rock (2018)

This is a TV series about the mysteries of our planet that thousands of scientists keep trying to solve daily. You’ll learn what science in the modern world is all about and understand what discoveries it aspires to unfold.

Wild Amsterdam (2018)

Look at the life of amazing Amsterdam through the eyes of a tomcat named Frits as well as other local animals. The movie is designed to show that the city exists not only for people but that animals can also find comfort and coziness in its streets.

Which of these documentaries are you going to put on your must-watch list? We’d be glad to hear from you in the comments!

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