12 Famous Movie Mysteries That Have Finally Been Explained

Movie creators often pose questions to which their viewers feel obliged to find answers. What does this cost? Where does that take place? How is this even possible?

Bright Side found several interesting investigations made by curious movie fans, and we would like to share their results with you.

How much does 1 year at Hogwarts cost?

Enthusiasts counted all the costs involved in going to the most unusual school ever. As a basis, they took $41,633 - the cost of a year at a prestigious British school. To this, they added all the miscellaneous attributes necessary to study: school uniform, protective gear, a magic wand (one-time cost), textbooks, a telescope, and so on. This all resulted in nearly $43,000 for the first year of studies. Perhaps there are scholarships, or maybe the studies are entirely free, but young wizards' parents would still have to cough up some cash.

How much did Bella and Edward spend on their wedding?

The book says that the Cullen house was decorated with 20,000 flowers which, even at a price of $1 per flower, would cost $20,000 already. Musicians would cost about $1,500. The tent only costs $210, while the great cake from the book could be bought for $800. Overall, with the food (ha-ha), it would all cost about $38,000, with the flowers taking more than half of the budget.

What would it take to organize the Hunger Games?

The Centives users researched the latest Olympic Games and, based on its results, prepared a cost estimate of the Hunger Games. The dome, they say, should cost no less than the Beijing stadium built for the '08 Olympics ($480M). Another $100M is for the opening ceremony and facilities for the Tributes, which gives us roughly $580M - and that is spent every year. However, we shouldn't forget the popularity of the games, giving them huge incomes.

How much does an average Batmobile cost?

The Batmobile is one of the hallmarks of the Dark Knight comics and movies. So how much could it cost? The most expensive one is from a comic book of 2004, standing at $1.8M; the cheapest one was the Studebaker from the '50s, whose price was just $13,604. Today the average cost of increasingly expensive Batman cars is about $214,700.

What amount of data is necessary to maintain the Matrix?

The human brain is like a computer processing information at a rate from a few kilobytes to several megabytes per second. The Matrix software must make each of us believe in the world we live, so it has to produce more than 360 terabytes a year just for one person. And multiplying that by Earth's population, we get more than 2 yottabytes per year.

How expensive would it be to build the Death Star?

Professor Zachary Feinstein from Washington University in St. Louis made his own cost estimate of the first Death Star from Star Wars. Based on his calculations, its construction cost $193 quintillion (that sum has 18 zeroes - just to let you feel it). Too expensive for your liking? Well, some Kickstarter enthusiasts promise to build their own Star for "just" $20 million.

How much would maintaining the Death Star cost?

Suppose you've still decided to go for it and construct the Death Star. OVO Energy, UK, says you'd then have to spend £6.25 octillion (about $7.8 octillion) every day to maintain its activity. FYI: this sum is 30 trillion times greater than all the money on Earth. This estimate includes every function of the Death Star that it would normally need.

How expensive is Richie Rich's estate?

Macaulay Culkin lived in a real estate that belongs to the Vanderbilt family. The movie was mostly shot in Chicago, but the exterior of the house is the actual estate. Its cost is estimated at $4 billion. So Richie was quite rich after all.

How much would the Truman Show cost?

Users made an estimate of the whole set of the Truman Show in real life. The dome erection, the equipment, the staff, and actors, all corrected by yearly inflation, would cost $3.5 billion annually. The estimate doesn't cover the income, though.

Where and for how long did Forrest Gump run?

Forrest Gump started his run in the nonexistent town of Greenbow, AL, on October 1, 1979. Having reached the Pacific in Santa Monica, CA, he turned to face the Atlantic. In two years he was said to have crossed the Mississippi four times. Movie fans drew a map of Forrest's route that took him 3 years, 2 months, 14 days, and 16 hours. In that time, he ran 15,248 miles and crossed the whole US 5 times.

How much does Tony Montana's mansion from Scarface cost?

The movie mansion is called El Fureidis and is located in California, not Florida. The house was only shot from outside, so no use looking for bloodstains there. With its gold leaf ceilings, among other things, the mansion's price is $35 million.

How much does the Iron Man suit cost?

The Internet community decided to check what it's like to be Tony Stark and counted the expenses needed for everything he owns, including, of course, the famous superhero suit. With all technological issues resolved, the estimates turned out to be quite real: $100.4M, about the same as an F-35 fighter jet which costs approximately $95-183M.

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