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12 Fantastic Movies That True Intellectuals Will Relish

Over the years, hundreds of movies have become cult hits among that group of film-lovers who value cinema’s exploration of intellectually and philosophically complex subjects.

We at Bright Side selected 16 recent movies of this kind. Take a look — perhaps they might end up being included in your list of all-time favorite works of cinema.

This is the story of how British mathematician and logician Alan Turing helped to break the Enigma code during the Second World War. His experiences will make your heart skip and strike a chord in your soul, for this was an unusual man who achieved something few of us could ever get our minds around.

Every day, Rachel passes a cottage while traveling on the train. A seemingly happy couple lives there. But one day, Rachel’s idyllic image of the two lovers is shattered when the girl disappears without a trace. As the only person who saw what happened, Rachel gets increasingly drawn into a deeply complex story.

A team made up of the best magicians in the world carries out daring robberies right in the middle of its shows. In turn, they end up playing a game of cat and mouse with agents from the FBI.

The Judge


At the center of this story is a successful lawyer who, upon arriving in his hometown for his mother’s funeral, learns that his father (who is a city judge) is suspected of murder. He decides to stay there in order to uncover the truth, and he gradually learns more and more about relatives he hasn’t seen in many years.

Keller Dover comes up against every parent’s nightmare: his six-year-old daughter disappears, together with her friend. Time passes, the girls don’t return, and his sense of panic reaches new heights. The only lead for Keller to hold on to is the worn-out old car that was parked on the street when the girls were playing in the front yard.

When money is an issue, our conscience often falls silent. And if we’re talking about big money, well... This movie is based on real events, in particular the story of several prescient individuals who independently predicted the global economic crisis of 2008 long before people began to whisper about it on Wall Street. And having predicted it, they found a way to earn money from it.

Jacob’s childhood passed amid stories told by his grandfather about an orphanage for unusual children. Among them was a girl who could hold fire in her hands, an invisible boy, and twins who could communicate without using words. When his grandfather passes away, 16-year-old Jacob receives a mysterious letter and sets off on a trip to an island where the old man grew up. There, he finds children whom he had only seen earlier in photographs.

Mr. Holmes


The most famous detective in the world has long since retired from police work and now lives out his old age in a quiet village, tending to a beehive. However, he’s still haunted by memories of one woman and her secret that he never managed to uncover. He decides to crack the mystery that forced him to retire 30 years previously — whatever the consequences.

Who is this Ove? A persnickety old man who loves to complain, who drives his neighbors crazy. At home and in his garage, everything is always clean and tidy — as are his thoughts. So why does he have a gun, a hook in the ceiling, and a handful of sleeping pills?

Time Lapse


Finn, Kelly, and Jasper are three friends who live together in one apartment. Each one of them dreams of a bright future, and one day this turns out to be much closer than they expected. In the apartment of their neighbor, they discover a strange device: a machine that takes a photograph of their living room once a day and depicts what will happen tomorrow. Now, their dreams begin to come true, but not everything is as straightforward as they had hoped.



Professor Robert Langdon wakes up in an Italian hospital, having completely lost his memory. A local doctor, Sienna Brooks, tries to help Robert to not only remember his past but also stop some mysterious plotters who intend to spread a deadly disease.

Christian Wolff, a mathematical genius, earns extra money as an auditor for criminal organizations. When the Ministry of Finance closes in on him, Christian decides to find a more law-abiding client for himself and carries out an audit for a company that specializes in developing robotic technology. But as soon as he begins to work, the victims of his actions begin to accumulate.

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