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12 Movies That Hold Your Attention Right to the Very End

Sometimes we want to watch a movie that will absorb us completely. A movie that’ll make us forget about everything and have us sit glued to our chair, fists clenched, for the entire duration.

Today, Bright Side offers a selection of precisely such films: unusual comedies, tense thrillers, and dramas that are guaranteed to make you empathize with the main characters!

A group of friends decides to play an unusual game: each of them promises to always use their phone with the speaker on and to always read incoming messages out loud. However, they soon find that observing the rules of the game is not an easy task.

This Italian movie deals with the enormous role smartphones play in our life and takes a look at all those personal things we entrust our gadgets with.

A young woman is kidnapped by a maniac who proceeds to lock her in the trunk of his car. Her only chance for salvation — a cell phone with a dying battery, which she uses to dial a 911 operator. Will the emergency service specialist be able to find the madman and rescue the girl before it’s too late?

A quirky crime comedy about a writer working on a script for a movie about seven psychopaths. He draws inspiration from the people he meets on his journey, each of them with an absurd life story to tell. When his new oddball friends decide to kidnap the local mob boss’s dog, our hero accidentally gets caught up in the proceedings.

East Berlin, 1986. An eavesdropping specialist is ordered to conduct surveillance of a famous writer and his girlfriend. Over time, he becomes absorbed by the lives of his "wards." This makes him begin to doubt the dehumanizing system which he serves.

Two strangers. A chance encounter at the airport. A mutual sympathy... Today, Flight 1019 will arrive on time. But will all of its passengers survive the journey? Lisa Reisert was always afraid of flying. However, her phobias are nothing compared to the ordeal she’s about to face.

A young woman and her autistic brother find themselves cut off from the outside world during a hurricane. But the true nightmare begins when a tiger escapes from the local circus and picks the siblings’ house as a refuge from the elements.

Armed persons seize a bank in New York City. They turn off the surveillance cameras, making it difficult for the police to size up the situation right away.

The criminals operate according to a strange plan: they ignore the bank’s money vault. Not only do they make all the hostages surrender their personal belongings, they also constantly "shuffle" the captives by moving them from one room to another whilst blindfolded.

A famous writer crashes his car in a snowstorm. He is saved by a humble nurse named Annie, who’s living in a secluded cottage nearby. As it turns out, Annie is a great fan of the man’s books. Gradually, the hero begins to realize that there is something wrong with Annie and that he’d better get out of her house as soon as possible.

The film is based on the novel by Stephen King.

The movie can be described as a Brazilian version of "Slumdog Millionaire." It’s a dynamic story about three Brazilian boys who live in a landfill. One day, their fates are suddenly changed by the discovery of a money-filled wallet.

Additional atmosphere and drama are added by the presence of true Brazilian flavor, with the action set in a world where white sandy beaches coexist with poverty and devastation.

The world of a young Mayan Indian named Jaguar Paw falls apart in an instant: his village is wiped off the face of the earth, and he himself is taken prisoner. In the face of certain death, he must make a desperate dash to return to his wife and child who have both miraculously survived during the raid.

This movie is one of Mel Gibson’s most impressive directorial works.

A realistic tale of a woman who goes on the run from her unbalanced husband, taking her 5-year-old daughter with her. Along the way, the heroine undergoes surprising metamorphoses: once a victim, she becomes a strong woman, capable of confronting her abusive spouse who is trying to catch up with the fugitives.

Margaret Lea works in her father’s antiquarian bookshop. One day, she receives an invitation from a famous female writer to become her biographer. As Margaret begins work at her new employer’s gloomy, haunted mansion, she becomes absorbed in a Gothic story of two twin sisters — a story that strangely echoes her own life’s events.

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