13 Meaningful Movies About Love That’ll Melt Even the Coldest Hearts

Love is a magical feeling that can warm you up in a severe frost and restore your faith in fairytales and miracles, especially when you feel down and it seems that the whole world has turned its back on you. Happy love stories are different and equal at the same time — but each of them gives us hope and makes our hearts beat a bit faster.

We at Bright Side are about to share 13 worthwhile movies that have so much love and tender feelings in them that it will steal the breath away from the most avid cynic.

1. A Rainy Day in New York (2019)

He is from a wealthy family in New York, she is from a small town in Arizona. One rainy day will change their lives forever. In the torrential bustle of the metropolis, the characters will meet each other in the best traditions of Woody Allen’s movies and fall into a whirlpool of romantic adventure.

  • IMDb — 6.7

2. A Faithful Man (2018)

A very French, and deliberately theatrical, drama that shows Abel, the last romantic man in Paris. He is determined to get Marianne back, who left him for his best friend Paul 8 years ago. Now that Paul has passed away, nothing will prevent Abel from getting back the love of his life. However, it turns out that even the most innocent creatures are able to make cunning plans.

  • IMDb — 6.2

3. Delibal (2015)

Barış studies architecture at a local university. When he meets Füsun, his soul gets filled with an unbelievable feeling and he realizes that, this time, he has found true love. The handsome, smart, and sincere character soon gets what he wants — the girl falls in love with him and they get married. It looks like a fairy tale. But one day this happy story gets an unexpected twist.

  • IMDb — 6.8

4. Swear On You My Beloved (2016)

Saraswati is a simple girl who works in a library. Girls like her are usually called “old-fashioned” and “unappealing.” Having gotten tired of nagging from her parents, sisters, and colleagues, Saraswati finally decides to live her life by her own rules. She asks her neighbor Inder, who has been trying to avoid her by all means, for help.

  • IMDb — 7.3

5. Five Feet Apart (2019)

The space where the lovers ended up sets a cruel condition for their relationship: Stella and Will have to stay no less than 5 feet away from each other, that’s why even touch is unavailable for them. But true love knows no boundaries, and the stronger the feelings are, the higher the temptation is to break the rules. This movie is about the desire to love, live, and dream. As a person who’s encountered a severe illness, Stella says very important words, “I was living to be treated, not being treated to live.”

  • IMDb — 7.2

6. The Sense of Wonder (2015)

Louise Legrand is a mother of 2 who lives in a calm provincial town. She doesn’t want to leave the villa with her beloved pear tree in the garden, where she was once so happy with her late husband. Paul, who is secretly in love with the heroine, is no more than just a good friend for her. But one day Louise gets into a difficult situation and confronts a hard choice.

  • IMDb — 6.8

7. The Mountain Between Us (2017)

Ben and Alex managed to survive after a plane crash and now they need to find a common language to survive in the wild environment of snowy mountains. One day they realize that it’s useless to wait for help and start the long journey of many miles. A close connection starts between the strangers as they are struggling for their lives.

  • IMDb — 6.4

8. Hot Summer Nights (2017)

Daniel is going to remember that hot summer forever because he fell in love with the most beautiful girl in Cape Cod, McKayla, as well as get involved with some shady drug dealers. There is one difficulty — the girl’s brother is a city hooligan who is Daniel’s business partner and is totally against their relationship.

  • IMDb — 6.4

9. Curiosa (2019)

The film’s plot is based on a sensual and dangerous love triangle in the bohemian atmosphere of Paris at the end of the 19th century. 2 men are in love with one woman. But the prohibitions exist in order to violate them. The script is based on the diaries and letters of famous socialites of that time.

  • IMDb — 5.5

10. Who You Think I Am (2019)

Claire had a hard time overcoming her husband’s betrayal and their divorce. Gradually her life starts to settle down: she teaches at the university, raises her 2 kids, and dates a young lover. But, once, he laughs at her feelings and breaks her heart. In order to restore herself piece by piece, Claire creates a false account on the internet where she presents herself as a 24-year-old beauty named Clara.

  • IMDb — 6.9

11. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (2018)

An English love story based on the 2008 novel of the same name written by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows immerses the viewer in the postwar period. A young writer named Juliet is supposed to write an article about a book club. She gets lucky to receive a letter from one pig farmer from the island of Guernsey. The message turns Juliet’s life upside down. Willing to learn the details, she goes to a small town where she meets the representatives of the book club and soon realizes that her new friends are hiding some mystery from the past.

  • IMDb — 7.4

12. Emma (2020)

Emma Woodhouse is young, beautiful, and rich, and is totally sure that she will never get married. Instead of looking for her love, she tries to orchestrate the personal life of her friends and acquaintances. Once she talks her friend Harriet out of marrying a farmer and tries to pair her up with a vicar named Elton. But Elton ends up falling in love with Emma herself.

  • IMDb — 6.8

13. The Exception (2016)

This is set in Holland in the 1940s. After the Nazi invasion, Resistance agents try to introduce one of their people into the house of the former Kaiser Wilhelm II. While all this is happening, a passionate romance explodes between an officer and a young and attractive Jewish girl. The consequences of this affair turn out to be unpredictable both for the lovers and the Kaiser.

  • IMDb — 6.8

Which recent movie about love impressed you most of all? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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