13 New Movies Every Lady Needs to See

The biggest movie database in the world — Internet Movie Database (IMDb) — has more than 400,000 full-length movies. If every movie is about 90 minutes long, we would have to spend around 70 years (without food, sleep, or work) to watch all of them. And even if we don’t watch all the new films, there is still no way to find that much time. This is why we feel so bad after we waste our precious time on bad movies.

We at Bright Side love good movies where the story makes us change our opinions about regular things. And we’ll be very happy if you find a character in our compilation that inspires you.

The Aftermath (2019)

It’s 1946, Germany is trying to pull itself together after their defeat in World War II. As strange as it is, its former enemies help the country. A British man named Lewis Morgan (Jason Clarke) comes to the recently destroyed Hamburg together with his wife. He is put in a house that was taken away from a German architect named Lubert (Alexander Skarsgård). But the former owner of the house still continues to live there with his daughter.

A love story begins between him and Rachael (Keira Knightley), Lewis’s wife. And even though the description looks like a typical love story movie, it is still about how every single character is trying to deal with the tragic aftermath of the war.

  • IMDb rating — 6.3

Brittany Runs a Marathon (2019)

Brittany (Jillian Bell) has a low-paying job, no ambitions, no goals, and no love life. And she has gained some extra weight. After a medical examination, she realizes that she has to lose at least 55 lbs. But she doesn’t have the money necessary to join a gym. So, she puts on her sneakers and goes for a run.

After she overcame the internal struggle that everyone who has tried to change their habits is familiar with, she starts to enjoy this new part of her life. And she decides to run the New York marathon. While pursuing her goal, she leaves behind not only dozens of miles, but also her insecurities and fears.

  • IMDb rating — 6.8

American Woman (2018)

Debra (Sienna Miller) is a 32-year-old woman in her prime. But at her age, she is already a grandmother. Her daughter, Bridget, unfortunately for Debra, got pregnant. Wrong time, wrong boyfriend, wrong decisions — and she is a 16-year-old mother. But Debra supports her daughter, helps her with the grandchild, and tries to stay positive as much as she can.

Then her daughter goes missing. For 11 years, Debra still has hope that she will one day see her daughter again. She manages a team of volunteers that are trying to find Bridget, she studies, works, raises her grandson, and gets rid of all her bad habits. Debra’s story proves that anyone can find themselves in a difficult situation. It is just a matter of how we handle it and if we can learn to live in these circumstances or not.

  • IMDb rating — 6.8

Paradise Hills (2019)

Uma (Emma Roberts) has brought shame on her entire family. She doesn’t want to conform to the rules and traditions of her family, like marrying the man her parents chose for her. In order to teach her a lesson, her parents send her to Paradise Hills where women are turned into proper ladies — elegant, polite, and easy to control.

The schedule of this place includes recreational exercises, spa procedures, and therapy sessions. Many of us would love to spend our vacations this way. But behind the beautiful landscapes, luxury dresses, and cute smiles, there are terrible secrets. Uma feels that there is something wrong with the place and she tries to start a rebellion. But the institution and the Duchess (Milla Jovovich) know how to talk sense into these types of ladies.

  • IMDb rating — 6.0

Wild Rose (2018)

Rose-Lynn (Jessie Buckley) really wants to become a country star. But on the way to her goal, she encounters a lot of obstacles. She lives in Scotland, she just got out of prison, and she has 2 young children. Any one of these things could’ve stopped just about anyone, but not Rose-Lynn. The owner of the house where she works as a housekeeper hears her singing, realizes that she is very talented, and helps her to find the right producers.

Rose-Lynn pursues her goal. You will hear many country songs and get a look at the behind-the-scenes reality of show business. At some point, she will have to choose which is more important to her: her music or her family.

  • IMDb rating — 7.2

The Aeronauts (2019)

We are used to looking at weather forecasts on our smartphone screens. And it is hard to imagine that in the past, meteorology was believed to be fiction, not real science. At the end of the 19th century, researcher James Glaisher (Eddie Redmayne) decided to prove the opposite. His partner was Amelia Wren (Felicity Jones) — an acrobat who was interested in balloons.

Their aerostat will go through storms and you really worry about the characters when you realize that all the shooting was done in real time — the actors really flew in this hot air balloon. And the prototypes of James and Amelia were real people that risked their lives to create the things we now use every day.

  • IMDb rating — 6.6

Ordinary Love (2019)

Joan (Lesley Manville) and Tom (Liam Neeson) have been married for many years. And over the course of their marriage they’ve managed to keep a lightness and deep respect for each other. They live a normal life, until Joan gets a terrible diagnosis. Doctors find breast cancer.

What do you do when your whole world starts to crumble? How do you support someone you love, who could leave you at any moment and not lose it at any moment? Not only will the main characters have to answer these questions, but the viewers will too.

  • IMDb rating — 7.5

Ride Like a Girl (2019)

Michelle Payne’s entire life is connected with horses. She can’t imagine her life without riding, she spends all of her free time training, and she dreams of taking part in a prestigious tournament. But everyone sees her as a hotshot who doesn’t belong there. Everyone is sure that women should be in the stands, not on the horses.

But this doesn’t stop Michelle. She is ready to sacrifice everything, even her own life in order to reach her goal. This is a real story and we know the ending: Michelle will be the first jockey to win the cup. But it is still incredibly interesting to watch her path toward her goal.

  • IMDb rating — 6.8

The Invisible Life of Eurídice Gusmão (2019)

The film is set in the 1950s in Rio de Janeiro. 2 sisters Guida (Julia Stockler) and Eurídice (Carol Duarte) are very close. They both want to live in Europe. Eurídice wants to become a pianist and study in Vienna, and Guida wants to get out from under their despot father and be free. She runs away with her lover to Greece, hoping to find happiness there. But she gets very disappointed.

Eurídice’s life is also very difficult. She has to do what her father tells her, she gets married to a man she doesn’t love, and she stops playing music. The sisters lose their connection for many years but they still have hope that their lives will turn out to be good. And this hope gets them through their struggles.

  • IMDb rating — 8.1

Gloria Bell (2018)

Gloria Bell (Julianne Moore) is over 50 years old. Many things are already in the past: she is divorced, her children grew up and don’t call her as often as she would want them to, and she has a good career. Yoga for the body, a glass of wine for relaxation, flirting for a one-night physical satisfaction.... Gloria built her own life, and she is self-sufficient and calm.

But then suddenly, an affair in a club turns into a real love story. And she has to deal with the past again — her past and the past of her new person. And Gloria is not ready for this.

  • IMDb rating — 6.3

Proxima (2019)

Sarah (Eva Green) is an astronaut, and she is preparing to fly to Mars from Russia. She has spent a lot of time on space missions, she overcame hours of training, and even got through the colossal psychological pressure that comes with this line of work. But the hardest thing is a conversation with her daughter. Stella (Zélie Boulant) wants her mother to be here, on Earth, with her. And Sarah has to explain why she is ready to leave her baby alone in order to fulfill her dream.

A huge part of the film is about the preparation of astronauts and their psychological problems. Together with Sarah, we will try to answer the question — is it possible to be a great specialist and good mother at the same time?

  • IMDb rating — 6.8

Puzzle (2018)

Agnes (Kelly Macdonald) lives a very simple life: she cooks and she does the laundry, the cleaning, and the shopping. She devotes all of her time to the needs and the problems of her husband and her children. But she has no time for herself. Thanks to her unusual hobby (puzzles), she meets Robert (Irrfan Khan) who is a professional in this area. He suggests that Agnes take part in a puzzle tournament.

And the preparation for the tournament helps her understand her independence and uniqueness. And she is ready to find a place for herself outside of her routine at home.

  • IMDb rating — 6.7

Ema (2019)

The marriage of Ema (Mariana Di Girolamo) and choreographer Gaston (Gael García Bernal) was a disaster. The last straw was that the adoption of a 9-year-old child went awry. He set Ema’s sister on fire. But Gaston blames Ema and so, she just leaves him. In an attempt to find herself, she chooses the only way she knows — dance.

The energy of the dancer can be felt through the screen. It makes you want to dance while watching. But at some point, Ema takes a flamethrower and starts burning everything she sees.

  • IMDb rating — 6.8

Which recent movies have you seen that you can recommend?

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