14 Details of Disney Cartoons That Will Make You Look At Them Differently

Bright Side would like you to take a closer look at well-known and well-loved cartoons and find out the surprises the creators included for the most attentive viewers.

1. Of all the Disney princesses, only Rapunzel has green eyes.

Most of the Disney princesses have blue or brown eyes, and only Rapunzel was drawn with her eyes light-green.

2. The Beast from Beauty and the Beast has traits of seven different animals.

The artists worked on the image of the Beast for a long time. In the end, it was decided to give him the physical traits of six different animals, while his blue eyes he got from the prince into whom he finally transformed.

3. Ariel from The Little Mermaid was modeled after actress Alyssa Milano.

The prototype for The Little Mermaid protagonist was Alyssa Milano, who was 11 at the time, and became world-famous afterwards for her role of Phoebe in the Charmed TV series. Moreover, it wasn't just her looks that were given to Ariel, but some traits of her character and behavior too.

4. Eeyore and Optimus Prime from Transformers speak in the same voice.

Peter Cullen voiced both Eeyore, the donkey from Winnie the Pooh, and Optimus Prime, the transformer robot from the blockbuster Transformers.

5. The vultures from The Jungle Book were based on The Beatles.

The manager of the legendary quartet arranged for The Beatles to voice these characters from The Jungle Book, but John Lennon curtly refused for the whole band. However, the vultures still got the exact looks of the Liverpool musicians.

6. Simba from The Lion King does not roar like a lion.

It so happened that instead of a lion's roar, Simba was given the roar of a tiger as a lion's voice was considered to be too quiet.

7. You can see Hans from Frozen in Big Hero 6.

Remember the charming evil prince from Frozen? The creators of Big Hero 6 decided to make a joke of him and placed his photo on the 'Wanted' board in the police station.

8. There is a shadow of the dog from Up in Ratatouille.

Remy, the main character of Ratatouille, once stumbles upon a shadow of a dog. At the time of creating this film, Disney only had plans to make Up. The appearance of Dug the dog from the future motion picture is a joke and a hint for the fans.

9. A stuffed toy that fell from the professor's bag in Tarzan is actually Little Brother - the dog from Mulan.

Disney artists love a good joke, and one of their favorite cracks is to add elements from previous cartoons into the new ones. Only a very attentive viewer will be able to see such easter eggs.

10. Tiana is the only Disney heroine who has a real job.

Try to recall all the Disney heroines, and you will hardly find a single one of them who has a real job: they're all either princesses, or chief's daughters, or simple girls living with their parents. Well, Cinderella had a job, of course, but that one hardly qualified as official employment.

11. WALL-E was named after Disney himself.

The protagonist of the most romantic Disney cartoon, WALL-E, was named after the legendary creator of Disney Studios himself - Walter Elias 'Walt' Disney.

12. The actors who gave the voices to Mickey and Minnie Mouse were married in real life.

Wayne Allwine and Russi Taylor gave the voices to their favorite characters for 32 years, and in 1991 the voice actors got married and lived happily for almost 20 years.

13. Pocahontas is the only heroine whose story is based on actual events.

Some may argue that Mulan was also a real person, but she is only a character from an ancient Chinese poem, while the Indian girl's story is quite real.

14. Only Mulan and Jasmine wear pants.

Most Disney heroines fulfill the image of 'real' princesses: they all wear beautiful and posh dresses. Only Mulan and Jasmine from Aladdin were 'brave' enough to dress in pants.

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