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14 Fresh Movies for Those Who Think They’ve Seen Everything

If you are one of those avid cinema-goers who seems to have watched all the movies in the world and who keeps looking for something fresh and unusual, this compilation is for you. Almost 11,000 movies were released in 2019. Some of them turned out to be really amazing, but they were hidden in the shadow of their commercially more successful counterparts. That’s why, today, we are going to tell you about these, not very popular, but still outstanding movies.

Bright Side editorial is going to tell you about these movies from the year 2019 that had neither loud premieres nor huge advertising budgets. They managed to stand out thanks to their strong plot and thrilling atmosphere that every viewer can get into from the first few minutes.

Put Grandma in the Freezer

  • Country — Italy
  • Genre — comedy
  • IMDb score- 6.1

Put Grandma in the Freezer is a romantic comedy that tells how someone can survive during the times of a crisis.

Claudia is a poor artist from Rome, whose art studio has not closed thanks to her granny’s pension. When her granny suddenly dies, the girl decides to take a desperate step in order to continue getting her granny’s money. Everything would’ve been great if a meticulous policeman named Simone, who started to chase the heroine literally everywhere, hadn’t appeared on her doorstep.


  • Country — France, USA
  • Genre — action, thriller
  • IMDb score- 6.6

A French action-thriller by Luc Besson with the participation of Helen Mirren, Luke Evans, and Cillian Murphy is full of energy and stunning plot twists.

Set in Moscow at the end of the 1980s, a representative of a French modeling agency finds a girl named Anna who fits all the necessary parameters and he offers her the chance to become a model in Paris. He is not confused by the fact that the Russian beauty knows several languages, but at the same time, is selling matryoshka dolls to get by. So Anna goes to France and is ready to start her new job — getting rid of people at the orders of the KGB.

Spread Your Wings

  • Country — France, Norway
  • Genre — adventures, family
  • IMDb score- 7.3

Thomas is a normal teenager who is not interested in anything but games and gadgets. Together with his weird father, who is an avid ornithologist, he goes to a village. While his father breeds wild geese and conducts scientific experiments, Thomas starts to feel incredibly bored. However, things change drastically when Thomas decides to save this disappearing breed of geese. He starts an exciting and even dangerous journey for the sake of reaching his goal.


  • Country — USA
  • Genre — drama, adventure
  • IMDb score- 8.1

The Togo drama was dedicated to the events of the Great Race of Mercy.

Nome City, Alaska had a terrible diphtheria epidemic outbreak. A musher, Leonhard Seppala, and his dog team led by a restless dog named Togo, have a critical mission — to travel hundreds of miles away, through a snowstorm, and deliver a life-saving serum to the city.


  • Country — USA
  • Genre — drama
  • IMDb score- 6.8

The movie got 3 nominations for the prestigious American Independent Spirit Awards.

Luce is a friendly senior high-schooler, the real star of the entire school. He is both good at sports and in his studies. His teachers and his foster parents are proud of him and girls do their best to draw his attention to them. But one day he writes a weird and frightening essay, after which the attitudes of those surrounding him change drastically.

The Farewell

  • Country — USA
  • Genre — drama, comedy
  • IMDb score- 7.7

This movie got 2 nominations for the prestigious American Golden Globe Awards and for BAFTA Awards in the category of Best Foreign Language Film.

The main character is a young and talented writer who moved from China to the USA. She misses her granny, who encouraged her through all of her radical changes and supported her decision to move abroad. At one point the girl is informed that her granny is very sick and that she doesn’t have much time to live. The whole family gets together to bid farewell to their beloved relative who doesn’t even suspect that she is going to die soon.

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

  • Country — Great Britain, Malawi
  • Genre — drama
  • IMDb score- 7.6

This is a biographical drama, based on the true story of the innovator William Kamkwamba.

William’s family is so poor that they can’t pay for his education and he is forbidden to go to school. With the help of blackmail, he wins the opportunity to visit the school library, where he reads books on electrical engineering and energy production. When a terrible drought starts in his village, he decides to build a wind generator, which should save everyone from hunger. But in order to do it, the boy needs to give away the only valuable thing that his family has.

Motherless Brooklyn

  • Country — USA
  • Genre — drama, criminal
  • IMDb score- 6.9

Motherless Brooklyn is an American crime drama directed by Edward Norton that brought its creators numerous nominations and victories.

Lionel Essrog is a private detective who has Tourette’s syndrome. He starts a case where he tries to find the murderer of his mentor and his only friend — Frank. Gradually, the investigation brings him to the dangerous slums of Brooklyn, the jazz clubs of Harlem, and the luxurious halls of powerful politicians.

Under the Silver Lake

  • Country — USA
  • Genre — detective, film noir, comedy
  • IMDb score- 6.5

This seductive and exciting neo-noir thriller is compared with “a down-the-rabbit-hole movie fueled by the code-fixated opacity of conspiracy theory.”

The main character, Sam, is an aimless and unattractive man who is interested in being a private detective. Once, at the pool, he meets his mysterious neighbor from the house opposite his and immediately falls in love with her. The next day she disappears without a trace and Sam decides to try to find her at any cost. While trying to find some kind of evidence, he finds some things that seem like encrypted messages and suddenly realizes that he is involved in a global conspiracy.


  • Country — USA
  • Genre — drama, love story
  • IMDb score- 7.8

Tyler is always in a hurry and tries to do everything at once. He is young, happy, and sees his future in bright colors. It seems his life is going perfectly fine — he is about to get enrolled in a college and has the beautiful Alexis by his side. But while trying to excel in the sports that he is keen on, Tyler forgets about his health. He hurts himself and ignores it, taking painkillers. Moreover, he gets into some disagreements with his girlfriend and finds himself snowed under a pile of issues that even an adult person would find difficult to cope with.


  • Country — South Korea
  • Genre — action, comedy
  • IMDb score- 7.1

Yong-Nam is 30 years old, he can’t find a job, and still lives with his parents. His family considers him to be a loser and even his young nephew feels ashamed of his uncle. The only thing he managed to succeed in is climbing. Who knew that this skill would help him rescue his whole family one day.

Fahim, the Little Chess Prince

  • Country — France
  • Genre — drama, comedy
  • IMDb score — 6.7

This story is about a young chess genius named Fahim, who together with his father had to leave his home country of Bangladesh and look for shelter in Paris. It’s here that the boy meets Sylvain, the most outstanding grandmaster in France. And it’s his friendship with Sylvain that gives his life a new meaning.


  • Country — USA
  • Genre — drama, thriller
  • IMDb score — 6.7

The movie takes viewers back to the 1930s. The family farm of 17-year-old Eugene Evans is about to go broke due to the Great Depression. The young man decides to help his parents save their house at any cost and starts to look for a wanted bank robber who has a good reward on his head. He manages to deftly bypass the police and find the criminal earlier, but getting to know her will force him to drastically change all of his plans.

Honey Boy

  • Country — USA
  • Genre — drama
  • IMDb score — 7.4

Honey Boy is an American drama that was written by Shia LaBeouf, based on his personal life.

A young actor, Otis Lort, who is addicted to alcohol, gets into a rehabilitation clinic. In order to find the causes of such a strong addiction, he starts to recall the brightest moments from his past at the advice of his therapist. All of them are, to some extent, connected to his strict and occasionally cruel father, who abused the boy both mentally and physically when he was younger.

What movies would you recommend to a person who seems to have seen everything?