12 Movies That Have Changed Something in the World Once and For All

A good movie spreads ideas, teaches something new, and imposes its own values. Girls enter the FBI to fight criminals, scientists find inspiration in fantasy stories, hunters drop their trade, and millions of men suddenly start dreaming of fit blondes in red swimsuits, which until recently was considered conservative against the backdrop of bikinis.

Bright Side collected 12 movies after the release of which something changed in the world. This just goes to prove that directors and actors are modern wizards.

12. Black Panther: people started to adopt black cats from shelters.

People started to adopt black cats from shelters after the premiere of the movie Black Panther. In some shelters, there were no black cats left at all. Before, people were less interested in animals with such a color because of different superstitions. You have probably heard that a black cat might bring you bad luck if it crosses your path. Moreover, black cats were considered to be the incarnation of the devil and faithful servants of witches.

11. Bambi: the number of hunters decreased by 50%.

Bambi, the beloved main character of children and adults, can barely survive on his own after he loses his mother who, according to the plot, was killed by hunters. After the release of the cartoon in 1942, many hunters, most of whom are family people, abandoned their hobby forever.

This phenomenon became known as the “Bambi effect,” when a person finds animals cute, similar to children, resulting in a categorical rejection of hunting as a trade. So Bambi became the most famous symbol of the struggle for animal rights.

10. The Silence of the Lambs: a recorded number of women applied to work in the FBI.

The FBI took an active part in the filming of the movie: in order to enter the role, Jodie Foster attended a training course for agents on the Quantico base. Representatives of the Bureau hoped that the film would attract new cadets and that’s exactly what happened: the image of Clarice inspired many girls to become FBI agents.

9. Jaws: less interest in beach vacations and new safety rules on beaches.

The release of the movie forced people to reconsider their attitude towards beach rest, while journalists were telling about horrific cases of real attacks of sharks on people. At sea resorts, new safety rules were introduced, including the restriction of swimming areas with special nets as well as algorithms for an immediate evacuation of people from the water.

In defense of sharks, it should be added that most of the deaths in the water are due to the inability to swim. Sharks themselves rarely swim to the shores and are not interested in human flesh and prefer to hide away from curious divers.

8. Skyfall: switchblade sales increased by 405%.

It’s incredible how the director managed to turn shaving into one of the sexiest scenes in the film but a dangerous razor in the hands of a fragile and beautiful girl pushed hundreds of thousands of men to shave again “the old-fashioned way.”

As a result, Google registered an increase in the number of requests for the words “dangerous razors” by 735% after the release of the film, and then, one of the manufacturers of dangerous razors reported a sudden increase in sales by 405%. By the way, the transition to dangerous razors is supported by environmentalists since such blades are more durable than modern plastic razor blades.

7. Sideways: pinot noir wine has become the most popular among Americans.

After the release of the film, the interest in wine from the Pinot Noir grape, which was praised by the main character throughout the film, unexpectedly grew. Nobody expected that the film would affect the US wine market so much, but it was pinot noir that became the favorite wine of Americans.

6. Baywatch: a huge number of young people signed up to become lifeguards.

Right after the first episodes of this show, red swimsuits became the most sought-after element of beach attire for women. A bit later, the interest to work as lifeguards increased too: thousands of young girls and children all over the world enrolled in preparatory courses. Today, the work of a lifeguard is well paid, although it is not easy to meet the professional requirements.

5. The X-Files: a sharp increase in eyewitnesses to emerging UFOs, a boom in interest in science and paranormal phenomena.

Who hasn’t dreamed of investigating strange cases of paranormal activity and encounters with extraterrestrial intelligence with Mulder and Scully? The popularity of the show sparked the interest of people to study everything inexplicable.

Another side effect of the show was the emergence of a huge number of photo and video evidence of UFOs and the formation of thousands of UFO communities on the internet.

4. House M.D.: doctors determined the cause of heart failure in a patient after noticing a similarity with a case in one of the episodes.

Despite some shortcomings, doctors like the series about House M.D. since the series is based on real cases of patients and this helps doctors in their work. This happened in the case of a patient who could not get the correct diagnosis for a whole year. Then the doctor accidentally saw an episode about a patient with similar complaints and was able to finally figure out the right treatment for the real patient. It turned out that the patient was suffering due to poisoning caused by a metal implant in his leg.

3. Jurassic Park: people started buying amber with insects inside.

The story of incredible cloning begins with amber, inside of which a mosquito is found. The film was so popular that the sellers of amber with insects inside became millionaires. Some bought amber deciding to seriously study the conserved mosquitoes while others planned to resell the stones to scientists and entrepreneurs interested in cloning a dinosaur.

Thanks to the film, a large number of studies designed to find out how realistic the idea of cloning a dinosaur is have appeared.

2. Spectre: a festival to meet the expectations of millions of tourists was organized in Mexico.

The parade in the framework of the festival turned out to be so colorful that the capital of Mexico had to make concessions and have it every year because millions of tourists following the 007 agent wanted to take part in the procession in honor of the Day of the Dead in Mexico City.

1. Bernie: the court released the main character of the film convicted of the murder of his wife.

The movie is based on the real story of a man who worked as a coffin maker. He was considered a good guy in the neighborhood and became close to an elderly woman who became his wife. Over time, the nature of the old woman was spoiled and she scoffed at her husband in every way, until he accidentally killed her. The picture ends with the fact that Bernie goes to jail although in the eyes of society his offense is not condemned.

After the release of the film, attorney Jodie Cole became interested in the history and discovered new facts that helped free the real Bernie from prison. This process was facilitated by the director of the film, with whom Bernie will have to live according to the court’s decision.

Are there any movies that have had a strong impact on your life? Share with us in the comments!

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