14 New Mini-Series You Can Binge-Watch Over the Weekend

In this article, we collected the newest TV series with high ratings that you can watch over a weekend. They don’t have any long monologues, boring episodes, or dreary scenes. They are emotional, dynamic, and fresh, just like the modern audience likes it. The variety of genres allows you to choose something to your liking and spend your free time in a nice way.

We at Bright Side love TV series, and especially mini-series. Maybe our compilation will make you want to drop everything and dive into these new and amazing stories.


Owen has been living with schizophrenia since childhood and he is suffering because he can’t accept himself. Annie suffers from a broken relationship and tries to soothe her pain with pills. They meet each other during a test of a new drug that might make all their psychological problems go away. This seems like a great chance for the characters to start a new life, but the scientists didn’t mention the side effects.

  • IMDb rating — 7.8


Wayne was abandoned by his mother several years ago and his father, who was raising him, dies. In order to think about something else aside from the loss, this teenager and his friend go on a search for a stolen vintage car — the only thing he inherited from his father. This escape from his past life turns into violent and adrenaline-filled adventures for the couple, but they have nothing to lose anyway.

  • IMDb rating — 8.4

Il Miracolo

The police find a Madonna statue in the house of a mafia boss. The statue cries with tears made of blood. The phenomenon piques the government’s and the scientists’ interest, but in order to avoid a lot of hype, only a few people are allowed to see the statue. A priest that lost his faith, a doctor, and a prime minister all try to explain the phenomenon in their own way.

  • IMDb rating — 7.6


The alternative universe of Watchmen only looks like the world we know. There are superheroes that try to pursue justice while wearing masks and the police can’t protect even themselves. But as the new wave of racial murders is starting, the watchmen have to hide their faces and find out who is responsible.

  • IMDb rating — 8.1


There was a time when Heidi Bergman worked as a psychologist in a Homecoming Transitional Support Center. She helped soldiers to deal with PTSD and adapt to a normal life. But it was a long time ago and it seems that she doesn’t remember much about it. She also doesn’t remember why she suddenly decided to change her job and become a waitress. A Ministry of Defense worker is interested in her past and he will help her go back in time and learn what happened to her.

  • IMDb rating — 7.5

Sons of Liberty

Before becoming an independent state, America was a British colony for a long time. Outrageous taxes, discrimination, and the harsh policies of the colonizer made the local people very unhappy. But then a group of people calling themselves the Sons of Liberty decided to fight back and win independence for their country.

  • IMDb rating — 7.5


Fleabag doesn’t have a name, but she has a lot of problems. She tries to make up with her sister, her father, and his new wife. She keeps talking to her dead friend, tries to find some money to survive, and she wants to meet a normal boyfriend. But nothing works. This is why Fleabag lives in the moment and doesn’t care about her troubles. And she is pretty good at it.

  • IMDb rating — 8.7


The boring life of Alma changes one day when she sees her dead father on the side of the road and gets in a car accident. She wakes up from a coma and realizes that her father is still here. Now, he constantly takes part in her life, shows her a different side of the world, and shares secrets with her. He teaches her to control her feelings, travels in time, and asks her to go to the past to save him from death.

The unusual look of the series was made with rotoscoping. After shooting, every single shot was drawn and processed manually.

  • IMDb rating — 8.3


Jeff Pickles is the anchor of a funny TV program for children, he helps the sick, and he takes part in charity events. He tries to make the world a better place. But his own life is falling apart right in front of us. Jeff lost one son, the other one doesn’t want to talk to him, and his wife leaves him after many years of marriage. Now, the man who is used to smiling all the time has to solve his own personal issues and hide his real tears.

After Life

After his wife’s death, Tony is ready to hate the entire world. All the people around and himself included. Several times he even thought about taking his own life, but who would take care of his dog? In order to not lose his mind, Tony allows himself to express his feelings: he becomes unafraid to think about and express what he wants. Now he needs to accept his loss and learn to live for himself.

  • IMDb rating — 8.4

Miracle Workers

In the offices of Heaven Inc., with its many departments, things are not going well. God is depressed, and just sits on the couch ignoring everyone’s prayers. And then, he even decides to destroy the planet. 2 angels become concerned with how things are going. They decide to make a bet with the boss in order to save the planet. Now, in just 2 weeks, they have to perform one of the most difficult prayers and return humanity’s trust in God.

  • IMDb rating — 6.9


This mini-series is based on true events that happened in 2008. A school student named Mary went to the police and said that she was raped. She said that a stranger broke into her house and threatened to kill her if she made any noise. The policemen checked the crime scene and did all the medical tests but found no sign of rape. They thought that Mary was a liar. 2 detectives became interested in this case and they found that over the course of 3 years, around 30 women reported these attacks but the man left no signs of the crime in any of the cases.

  • IMDb rating — 8.5

Alias Grace

For 15 years, Grace has been doing time for the murder of her master. She doesn’t remember what happened on the night of the murder, but in her dreams, she still sees the terrible things that happened to her in the house of the master. Dr. Simon Jordan tries to help her remember what happened before the crime, but things get even more confusing for both of them.

  • IMDb rating — 7.8

And Then There Were None

8 people that previously didn’t know each other all arrive on a remote island not far from Devon. They are greeted by a couple of servants that tell them that the owners of the estate are temporarily away. During dinner, they notice the figures of 10 soldiers on the table and hear someone’s voice talking about the crimes these 8 people committed. They get worried and want to leave the island, but then they find themselves trapped and become victims of someone else’s well-planned murders.

The series is based on Agatha Christie’s novel Ten Little Niggers.

Bonus: The Irishman

The new Martin Scorsese film with Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci turned out to be so long that internet users have recommended watching it as a mini-series. Not everyone can easily handle 3.5 hours of gangsters in one sitting. But if this movie is split up into 4 logical parts, it becomes way easier to watch.

What other recent mini-series would you recommend?

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