14 Unsuccessful Takes That Turned Movies Into Masterpieces

Moviemaking is a long and complicated process that is very difficult to control 100%. As a result, things might not go the way they were written in the script. Many of these scenes get edited and reshot, but some of them stay in the movies and hearts of the audience.

Bright Side has collected 14 scenes for you that were mistakes on the set, but one can hardly imagine modern cinematography without them.

The Usual Suspects

The face recognition scene was an improvisation of the actors. Initially, it was supposed to be a serious scene, but the actors kept fooling around and making fun of each other. Finally, the producer left everything as it was, and it became the main scene of the movie.

True Lies

While filming a striptease scene, Jamie Lee Curtis accidentally fell. In the background, you can see Arnold Schwarzenegger move to help her get back on her feet. But the actress stayed in character and continued the dance.

It was decided to keep this scene because it matched the image of the slightly clumsy housewife that Curtis was playing.

Pretty Woman

In the scene where Edward presents Vivian with a necklace, Richard Gere decided to play a joke: he slammed the box just when Julia stretched her hand out to it. As a result, the scene was complemented with a sincere laugh from Roberts, and this scene wasn’t refilmed.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Aragorn beats off a knife flying at him, and this scene is really cool. In fact, the actor throwing the knife missed, and the knife really was heading toward Viggo Mortensen. He managed to beat it off, proving that his fencing lessons were not in vain.

From Dusk Till Dawn

In response to the vampire’s phrase “Welcome to slavery,“ Clooney improvised and said, ”No, thanks. I already had a wife." It would be a sin to remove such a joke from the movie, so now it pleases audiences.


The moment where Spider-Man learns to use a spiderweb also was an improvisation. Tobey Maguire decided that it would be a good idea to add a moment where Peter is learning to be a superhero. The episode turned out to be so good that the scene stayed in the final version of the movie.

Thor: The Dark World

A funny improvisation from Chris Hemsworth — Thor entered his flat and hung his hammer up on the rack — matched the nature of the character so well that the scene was left in the movie.

The Godfather

According to the script, Don Corleone didn’t have a cat. The cat simply came to the set, and Marlon Brando took it in his hands. A surprisingly contrasting scene appeared as a result, where Don Corleone is gently caressing the cat and at the same time speaking about beating a man up.

Iron Man

In The Avengers and Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. was always eating. He hid his food from the film crew to eat between and even during takes. Eventually, the producer gave up and added this habit to his character. It became another cool feature of his charisma.

Mission: Impossible 2

The actor who was Tom Cruise’s partner during the shooting nearly poked his eye out when he swung a knife at Tom. The actor was saved by a safety cable at the handle of the knife.


When the morning jogging scene was being filmed, Sylvester Stallone was running through a real market because the budget of the movie was not big enough for crowd scenes. During one such jog, a seller threw an orange to him. Stallone didn’t get confused, caught the orange, and thanked the seller. The scene was left in the movie.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

In the scene where Ron and Harry turn into Crabbe and Goyle with the help of a magic potion, they meet Malfoy in the hallway. The following dialogue occurs between Malfoy and Harry, who has forgotten to remove his glasses:

— Why are you wearing glasses?

— I was reading.

— Reading? I didn’t know you could read.

The last phrase was pure improvisation because Tom Felton simply forgot his line, but he didn’t get confused. The caustic phrase matched the character of Malfoy so well that it was left in the movie.


It’s a well-known fact that DiCaprio likes to improvise and add something unique to his characters. And the famous phrase "I’m the king of the world!" from Titanic also was an improvisation. Today one can hardly imagine the movie without it.

Midnight Cowboy

The scene where the main characters are almost hit by a taxi was not in the script. Dustin Hoffman didn’t get lost (however, he did drop his cigarette), didn’t break character, and told the driver everything he thought about him. As a result, the famous phrase "Hey, can’t you see I’m walking here?!" stayed in the movie.

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