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15 Characters Who Were Played by the Wrong Actors — and Viewers Couldn’t Let It Go

When looking for the right candidates for the main parts, producers and casting directors often give the roles to the stars whose names are very popular, but not necessarily to the actors that would be perfect in these roles. This drums up a lot of hype in the media, which helps the financial success of the film, but critics and viewers don’t usually forgive these miscastings.

We at Bright Side decided to remember the cases when casting directors obviously made mistakes and we have good reasons to think that.

1. Snow White — Kristen Stewart

When the creators of the film Snow White and the Huntsman decided to invite the Twilight star to their film, they made a predictable mistake. The role of Snow White supposes that the character has a wide range of emotions, but the actress had the same facial expression throughout the whole film. It was especially evident compared to her partners in the film — Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron that were very convincing in their roles. The critics said, “She is laughably bad, alternating between 2 facial expressions with her mouth half-open.”

2. Jack Reacher — Tom Cruise

Height — 6’3″, weight — 220 — 250 lbs, chest measures 50 in. This was the description of policeman Jack Reacher from Lee Child’s books that the movies were based on. Tom Cruise who is only 5’7“, was very far from this description. The casting of the actor disappointed the readers, the critics, and the author himself. Child admitted in the interview, “I really enjoyed working with Cruise. He’s a really, really nice guy. We had a lot of fun. But ultimately the readers are right. The size of Reacher is really, really important and it’s a big component of who he is.”

3. Constantine — Keanu Reeves

The role of John Constantine is a bright role in the actor’s filmography, but the actor was obviously different from the character. In Francis Lawrence’s comics, the main character is described as a British guy with an ironic sense of humor, who is tired of his life. Many fans even thought that Hugh Laurie (Dr. House) would’ve been great for the role. And Keanu Reeves’s Constantine lacked the charm, even though the actor is incredibly talented.

4. Sherlock Holmes — Robert Downey Jr.

Arthur Conan Doyle described Sherlock Holmes like this, “Higher than 6 ft, and the fact he was slender made him look even taller. The thin eagle-like nose made his face look energetic and decisive. The square-shaped chin showed his strong character.” But with Downey Jr., the differences between the character and the actor were not only about the appearance, but also about the behavior. The critics said that Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock was more like Indiana Jones or James Bond rather than the quintessential Sherlock.

5. Mary Corleone — Sofia Coppola

The last film of the trilogy, according to the critics, was far worse than the first 2 films for 2 reasons. And one of them is Sofia Coppola portraying Mary Corleone. Director Francis Ford Coppola invited his daughter into the film when he was forced to urgently find a replacement for Winona Ryder. But between Mary and Vincent, there was no chemistry at all and the scene where she dies looked unconvincing and ridiculous. It was not surprising since Sofia Coppola had virtually no acting experience at the time. This is why the critics thought it was a terrible casting choice.

6. Scott Pilgrim — Michael Cera

Critics write, “Scott played by Cera is a silly loser in a jacket with a hood. This is probably the role Michael Cera will continue to appear in until the end of his life.” Pilgrim portrayed by the actor looked really boring and indecisive. This kind of character might have looked fitting if the film was a satire from start to finish.

7. Emma Morley — Anne Hathaway

At the beginning of the book, David Nicholls describes Emma Morley as an insecure girl with a couple of extra pounds, pimples, and freckles. And Hathaway looked pretty much the opposite. In order to hide the bright appearance and natural beauty of the actress, makeup artists put glasses on her, and made her hair look a bit messy, but it clearly wasn’t enough.

8. Geralt — Henry Cavill

Even though Netflix’s The Witcher is not going to be released until December 2019, the casting choice has already sparked a lot of arguments about the main character. Many fans of the books and the games were disappointed by Cavill’s Geralt even before they saw him in action. They imagined Geralt in a completely different way. In the books, the character is much older and he is quite thin, unlike Cavill who looks like a Superman. And Geralt is not supposed to be this attractive. Many internet users thought that Mads Mikkelsen (the star of Hannibal) would’ve made a great candidate for the role.

9. Mystique — Jennifer Lawrence

Screen Rant says, “Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique is a rehash of Katniss, but crash-landed in the X-Men world — a symbol of peace and hope, the Mockingjay to the mutants.” Unfortunately, the Oscar and 3-time Golden Globe winner was really unconvincing in this role. When Mystique was giving a speech, she looked more like a child that was trying to fake their voice to seem older.

10. Prince of Persia — Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal is an extremely talented and versatile actor, but he looks really weird as Prince of Persia. Even though the actor spent months working out in the gym for this role, the casting director’s choice disappointed both the critics and the viewers. Some people even thought that Gyllenhaal looked like he was cosplaying the character, rather than actually playing him.

11. Allison Ng — Emma Stone

The most important difference between the actress and her character is that the main character of the book was Asian. Allison Ng is Hawaiian and Chinese, whereas Emma Stone is a completely white girl with big green eyes. This difference sparked a lot of arguments online, so much so that the director of this film and even the actress herself had to apologize and the comedy film got very low reviews from critics and viewers.

12. Alexander the Great — Colin Farrell

“His Alexander is more like a desperate housewife than a soldier. He’s always crying, his voice trembles, his eyes fill with tears,” critics said. The appearance of the actor was also pretty strange: not even the whitened eyebrows and the wig helped Farrel look more convincing in the role of Alexander the Great.

13. Norman Bates — Vince Vaughn

Critics claim that “Vaughn, which is not surprising at all, is the weakest part of the film.” Even though at the end of the 90s, the actor wasn’t known only as a comedy actor, he still looked very strange in this film. Vince Vaughn as Norman Bates was beefy and mechanical, whereas the character is supposed to give the viewers the chills.

14. Joker — Jared Leto

Complex says, “Jared Leto made the Joker the absolute worst thing the Joker can be—boring.” It wasn’t only the acting that the viewers didn’t like, but also the appearance of the character. The acid-green hair, countless tattoos on the face and body — Joker’s image from Suicide Squad looked like total overkill. Jared Leto and the creators obviously wanted to do something different and tried to present the villain in a more modern way.

15. Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey — Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan

Critics are convinced, “Dornan and Johnson have terrible chemistry, and their sex scenes are awkward and clinical, lacking both the supposed passion the characters feel for each other and the alleged deviance that Christian practices.” And while Dakota Johnson is trying to make her character more alive and interesting, Jamie Dornan gives a flat, and disengaged performance, according to different experts.

Do you agree that these characters should have been portrayed by different actors? Who should have played them? And what other films with bad casting do you know of?

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