15 cosmic movies that will transport you into outer space

The less something is explored, the more it attracts us. That's probably the main reason why outer space is so appealing to mankind. It has been thoroughly observed, however, no case of such curiosity goes unpunished in movies.

Today, Bright Side brings you some movies that will allow you to explore the deepest space realms, but from a safe distance and with comfort.

Ender's Game

It's 2135, and mankind has barely survived two invasions of ''buggers'', an alien race, and is now getting ready for a third one. A military school for the most talented children is established to find space pilots and commanders able to lead Earth to victory. One of these kids is Andrew ''Ender'' Wiggin, the future general of the International Fleet and humanity's only hope for survival.

Mission to Mars

When a crew of the first manned expedition to Mars is mysteriously lost, a rescue party embarks to investigate the tragedy and save the possible survivors. However, after having reached the spaceship, the team sees something truly incredible - an enormous secret of mankind is unveiled before them.

The Fifth Element

The great evil in the shape of an intelligent mass of burning substance is approaching the Earth, and the only way to defeat it is to put together the four basic elements (earth, fire, air, and water) and add the mysterious fifth element to them.


Earth was attacked by alien invaders, and is now almost completely empty; the last remnants of humankind are preparing to leave the deteriorating planet. The main character of the movie is a drone maintenance technician who finds a wrecked NASA spacecraft and watches as its crew dies before his eyes. He manages to rescue only one woman, and soon he understands that doing so has changed his life forever.

Event Horizon

It is the year 2047. A rescue spaceship is dispatched to the borders of the Solar System to learn the whereabouts of the first spacecraft, built for warp speed travel, that disappeared without a trace during its flight. The crew finds it in the vicinity of Neptune, appearing seemingly out of nowhere.

The Martian

Mark Watney, a space engineer and biologist, gets lost in a sandstorm on Mars, and his spacesuit is damaged. After waking up to find that his crew left without him, Watney finds himself stranded with no communication to Earth, but his living quarters are still functioning. Now the astronaut has to find a way to correctly distribute the limited supply of food, vitamins, water, and oxygen and survive until the next mission, Ares-4, arrives to Mars.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Peter Quill, a brave space-traveler, gets his hands on a mysterious artifact that drags him into an intergalactic hunt where the prey is him. The only way to salvation lies in uniting with a group of four other outcasts. When Quill becomes aware of the power of the stolen artifact and the threat it poses to the entire universe, he makes every effort to form a team with his chance allies and fight for the future of the galaxy.

Apollo 18

Apollo 17 was officially the last manned expedition to the Moon. So why has no one traveled to the satellite in the last 35 years? There are rumors that one last expedition was attempted, but something happened to it, and all the information became classified. No proof of this theory was found until the emergence of this sensational footage.

The Astronaut's Wife

Spencer Armacost, an astronaut, experiences a short radio-out period while in space, but everything turns out fine and the crew returns to their homes. However, Spencer's wife, Jillian, soon notices that her husband has changed somehow. And if at first she was worried about him, now she is afraid for her own life, because she has come face to face with a terrible unknown...


A group of scientists in search of sacred knowledge embark on a journey to the darkest depths of the universe. And it is there, in the faraway worlds and on the verge of complete physical and mental exhaustion, they will have to fight for the future of all mankind...

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

One day, huge extraterrestrial spaceships come to Earth and warn humanity that its planet is going to be demolished to give way to a luxury interstellar highway. Uh-oh, too bad for mankind. Well, for all of it except Arthur Dent, a regular guy whose old friend and drinking buddy, Ford Prefect, happens to be an alien himself! 


A commission headed by Emilie Warnock, the US President's daughter, is sent to the largest space station on Earth. Suddenly, the situation gets out of control, and the whole station becomes overruled by outlaws. Special Agent Snow, who was unfairly charged with high treason, receives an assignment to penetrate the most highly protected prison in the world and save Emilie. In return, he is promised back his life, reputation, and freedom.

Star Trek

When Romulan Captain Nero arrives from the future to take his revenge on the Federation, Kirk and Spock, eternal rivals, have to unite in order to prevent him from destroying everything they love. The young crew of the USS Enterprise will bravely face incredible challenges during their thrilling adventure full of exciting battles, humor, and space threats.

Independence Day

Dwellers of the Earth receive a signal that has a clear extraterrestrial origin. Its source is closing in, and the whole planet comes to alert. However, nobody could have imagined that the aliens would be so large and so numerous...


Malcolm ''Mal'' Reynolds, once an ''old space dog,'' is now just a space freighter captain. When he and his crew take some passengers on board, they have no idea what they're dealing with. Saving their hides from several powerful enemies all at once, the ship's crew find themselves facing a mortal danger that has been hiding on board the Serenity itself.

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