15 Elegant Retro-Style Movies That You Can’t Tear Your Eyes Away From

From time to time, we all want to dive into the past. Perhaps the best way to do this is to watch a great retro-style film.

We at Bright Side decided to share some of the most unusual and wonderful movies we've found about the past. These ones gave us a whole lot of pleasure not only on account of the superb acting on display but also because of their exquisite aesthetic beauty.



Guido Contini is a famous director. He's been surrounded his whole life by beautiful women. He's in demand, and he reaches his goals over other people's dead bodies. So why can't he complete the filming of his latest movie? He searches for answers in a place that's all too familiar for him - in bed with women - but his soul is becoming emptier day by day.

Inglourious Basterds


When the "brown plague" began to sweep across Europe in 1939, there were few people in the world who were left indifferent. One of the most zealous opponents of the Jews was Hans Landa, who earned the nickname "Jew Hunter" for his efforts. A group of American Jews known as the "Inglourious Basterds" came out in opposition to him, and, as a result, fascism was doomed to destruction.

Revolutionary Road


The plot of this movie occurs against the backdrop of the mid-1950s. The main protagonists are members of a provincial family. Frank and April Willer see themselves as middle class in a way which sets them apart from many other families, and they have a huge desire to move to Paris. However, fate has prepared a number of unpleasant surprises for them...

The Edge of Love


The complex relationships between four different people living in England in the 1940s almost lead to tragedy. This is the story of two men and two women who become tangled up in their own actions. Love, jealousy, and betrayal lead them into an abyss from which it seems impossible to escape.

An Education


Jenny is 16 years old. She's a talented cellist and a decent young woman. Oxford is her chance to escape from monotony. It's here, however, that she meets a handsome young man called David, who is twice her age, drives a sports car, wears fashionable clothes, goes to private clubs, and generally leads a rather dissolute life. After becoming acquainted with him, Oxford no longer seems such a great place to Jenny.

The Stepford Wives


Having lived through a nervous breakdown, Joanna Eberhart moves to the small town of Stepford with her husband in order to get away from the stress of the big city. This seemingly heavenly little corner of the world appears at first glance to be ideal. But soon Joanna and her new friend Bobby realize that the local housewives behave somewhat suspiciously. Joanna decides to find out the mystery that lurks beneath the surface.

8 Femmes


A snow-covered town in the depths of France. A family heads to a manor house to spend Christmas together. But the celebration never takes place: the head of the household is murdered. Eight women, all of whom were close to him, begin an investigation. Each one of them is under suspicion, as every one of them has a motive. The day of the investigation reveals many family secrets that were until now kept under lock and key.



The romance of King Edward VIII with the American woman Wallace Simpson outraged society. At the moment of their acquaintance, Wallace Simpson was married, and the King had to renounce the throne if he wanted to marry her. But this was no impediment to their love.

Water for Elephants


It is the era of the Great Depression. A student veterinarian, Jacob, gives up his studies after his parents are killed. He joins "The Benzini Brothers": the most grandiose circus show on Earth. He works there as a vet and at the same time falls in love with a beautiful rider called Marlena - who is in fact married to August, a charismatic but cruel animal trainer.

The Help


The story takes place in the 1960s. A woman returns home after graduating from university, aiming to become a writer and to escape from her small town. She decides to write a book with the title The Help. The novel is based on the stories of housemaids and their difficult lives.

Head in the Clouds


Guy, an Irishman, first saw Gilda Bessé when he was studying at university. Fate brought them together more than once, then separated them. The rich and spoiled Gilda led a rather carefree life thanks to which Guy was able to become acquainted with many people in her social circle. Then one day, he saw a Spanish girl called Mia standing next to her.



A vocal trio from Chicago attracts the attention of a professional producer after giving a performance at a talent show in New York. Taking them under his wing, he uses his skills to generate media hype around the talented young women, and they soon gain international recognition. However, neither money nor fame bring them happiness.



A famous director decides to try a bold experiment: he forgoes the opportunity to make another suspense movie of the kind that has made him famous, and instead he decides to shoot a modest black and white picture called Psycho. In the process of filming, the director ends up staring into the dark depths of the human soul in the hope of discovering those psychological traits that will allow him to create a symphony of horror in a person's head as easily as playing a piano.



When the Iranian Shah Mohammad Pahlavi is shown a photograph of Soraya Bakhtiari, he falls instantly in love. Soon after, the royal family invites the young woman to their palace, where Mohammad proposes to her. Without taking long to decide, she agrees. But then the revolution forces the Shah and his wife to flee the country.

The Great Gatsby


The mysterious Mr. Jay Gatsby. No one's ever seen him, but everyone has heard of him. In fact, he is idealized, and in restaurants people murmur about having met him. Then, an unsophisticated and naive man called Nick Carraway receives an invitation to meet with Gatsby. Later, he will write a penetrating story of love, greed, power, and corruption as a result of this encounter.

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