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15 “Harry Potter” Bloopers Nobody Noticed for Almost 20 Years

Such a massive franchise as Harry Potter is bound to have at least some plot mistakes and inconsistencies. Some of them were made by the writer, for example, when she introduced the Time-Turner that fans named the worst invention of the magic universe. But some of the plot holes were made solely in the films, namely in scenes where they didn’t follow the book and tried to make the movie more spectacular.

We at Bright Side were really surprised at how much we missed regarding these plot holes in the past. We want to share what we’ve found with you. And the bonus at the end of the article will tell you about what it really was that Neville forgot!

Why the safety rules at Hogwarts are so weird

The Harry Potter characters keep saying that Hogwarts is the safest place in the magic world. However, it’s a place where students play very dangerous sports, take part in deadly competitions, and battle monsters and dark wizards.

But the rules for visiting the “safe village” are strict as they can be. For example, you can’t get into Hogsmeade unless you have permission from your parents. So why does nobody ask for their parents’ permission to take part in the Triwizard Tournament?

Why Harry goes to school a month in advance

Very few people actually noticed this part in the first film. Hagrid takes Harry from the Dursleys on the boy’s birthday which is on July 31. They go to the Diagon Alley where Hagrid buys Harry an owl for his birthday. This proves that it’s the same day. And right after that, Hagrid gives the boy a train ticket. Harry finds the platform and leaves for Hogwarts. But it’s still the same day — July 31!

The book doesn’t have the same problem: after Hagrid’s visit, Harry goes back to the Dursleys for another month.

Why Harry doesn’t see Thestrals after killing Quirrell

While trying to make the movie look more spectacular, the creators didn’t show Quirrell’s death the right way. It looked like Harry killed the professor and watched him die. Even if we leave out the moral problem of an 11-year-old killing someone, why does Harry not see Thestrals that everyone who has seen death can see?

The book handles this matter better. In the literary version, Harry doesn’t kill Quirrell, he only fights with him, then loses consciousness and doesn’t see him die.

How the professors knew it was Ginny that was kidnapped by the basilisk

When the professors see the words, “Her skeleton will lie in the chamber forever,” they just say that the monster kidnapped Ginny Weasley. But they didn’t even check which of the students were still there and there was nothing else on the wall. How did they know who exactly was kidnapped?

Why Lucius Malfoy brought Dobby to Hogwarts

House-elves are not allowed to leave the house unless they’re ordered to do so. Obviously, Malfoy ordered Dobby to come with him to the castle, but why? It looks like he wanted Harry to let Dobby free.

Why the participants that failed a task didn’t leave the Triwizard Tournament

The rules of the Triwizard Tournament are really strange. When the Beauxbatons participant Fleur Delacour lost the second competition, she didn’t get excluded from the tournament. So, does that mean they didn’t even have to take the first 2 trials and go straight to the last one? The only punishment for losing was the eventual entrance to the labyrinth but all the challenges inside were the same for everyone.

How the portal-goblet works

Usually, after a portal is used once, it loses all its qualities and is nothing more than a piece of junk. In the 4th book, there was an episode where the wizards came to the Quidditch Cup and threw away their portals into a special box.

So why did the Goblet of Fire not stop being a portal after taking the children to the cemetery? Why did it return Harry and Cedric Diggory not to the labyrinth but outside of it? And in one of the next scenes, you can see Cornelius Fudge touching the Goblet. It would be funny if it took him back to Voldemort.

Why the house of the Blacks that are crazy about pure-bloods are in a muggle neighborhood of London

The Blacks always despised half-bloods and muggles. But why is their house in a muggle neighborhood right between 2 muggle houses? Either the first Black was not that crazy about pure-bloods or he really wanted to live downtown.

How Dumbledore didn’t know that Voldemort made Horcruxes

The film Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince kind of spoils the moment where the characters find out about the Horcruxes. Dumbledore acts as if he couldn’t even imagine this. But he had seen the diary before and he definitely had an idea of what it really was.

The book handles it much better: the most important piece of information Dumbledore learned from Slughorn’s memories was not the fact that Voldermort had Horcruxes but how many of them he made. This is way more logical.

Why Peter Pettigrew was the secret-keeper for the Potters, and not Dumbledore or James himself

From the Harry Potter books, we know that the secret-keeper of the house could be the owner. For example, Arthur and Bill were the secret-keepers of the Burrow and the Seashell cottage, respectively. So why did they not choose James, Lily, or Dumbledore to be their secret-keepers? They wouldn’t have given Voldemort the information.

According to one of the theories, it was Dumbledore that planned it. He advised the Potters to make Pettigrew the secret-keeper, knowing he would betray his friends. They would die, which would be the end of Voldemort.

How James and Sirius could wear a Gryffindor uniform

In one of the scenes, Lily sits right between James and Sirius. She is wearing a standard Hogwarts uniform and the boys are already wearing the cloaks with the Gryffindor symbols. But they were first-years who were not supposed to have these symbols!

Why Lily and James were killed by a noseless Voldemort

In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 2, you can see a noseless Voldemort coming to the Godric’s Hollow to kill Harry’s parents. But he didn’t have a nose only after his resurrection and in this scene, he was supposed to be a regular old man.

Why Harry sensed Umbridge’s locket only in the courtroom

When Harry and Hermione appear in the courtroom looking like ministry workers, Harry says that he can sense the locket — it was on Umbridge’s neck. But they were in the same elevator as her and he didn’t sense it before. Why did he not take it off her back in the elevator where there were no witnesses?

Why the characters have different eye colors

Right after the first film, fans were angry about Harry Potter’s eye color. Daniel Radcliffe’s eyes are blue and not green as they’re supposed to be. And when the viewers made peace with this problem, they noticed Lilly Potter had brown eyes instead of blue ones. So how can you explain all the people saying that he and his mother had the same eyes?

Tom Felton actually auditioned for the role of Harry and could have been him only with different colored hair.

Where the London Eye came from in the film

In one of the scenes in the final movie, you can see the London Eye. It’s a very famous wheel and most British people know that it appeared only in the year 2000 but the movie is set in 1997.

And attentive fans have found several other mistakes similar to this one. For example, the bridge that Voldemort destroyed in the sixth film was not supposed to exist at the time, just like some of the other buildings. Also, some cars and devices appear in the films before they were actually invented.

Bonus № 1: CGI mistakes

There were quite a few CGI mistakes in the films. In the first film, when Oliver Wood is showing Harry the quidditch balls, he looks anywhere but at the snitch. And in the fourth film, the Patil sisters probably didn’t know which one of them would have a spider on them. It was later added to the girl on the left and her sister is doing strange things with her hands, trying to remove a spider that’s not even on her.

In some scenes, the most attentive viewers can notice the stunt doubles. In the first film, you can find stunt actors pretending to be Ron and Hagrid. And in the third film, in the boggart scene, you can see Daniel Radcliffe’s stunt double.

There’s also another plot hole involving the Time-Turner. In the same scene that the character re-live, the pot gets broken in 2 completely different ways.

Bonus № 2: What Neville forgot

Unlike the book, the movie actually explained what it was that Neville forgot when his remembrall went red. In this shot, you can see all the students sitting at the table and wearing the school uniform while Neville is wearing his jumper. This is the answer all the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone readers were looking for: he forgot to put his cloak on.

What other bloopers did you see in the different Harry Potter films?