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15 inspiring movies that are perfect for the whole family

Family is the most important thing in every person’s life. Spending time with your nearest and dearest is twice as pleasant as most other things; you can play board games, go on vacations or watch interesting movies.

If you don’t know which films are good for family movie night, here’s a collection of wonderful choices compiled by the Bright Side team. Both children and adults will enjoy these movies!

Patch Adams

Dr. Adams is different from his colleagues. He thinks that love and laughter is the best treatment for all diseases. That’s how Dr. Adams changes his patients’ lives. This is a vivid and touching movie that makes you kinder after watching it.

The Pursuit of Happyness

Chris Gardner is a single dad, and he’s trying his best to make his son happy. Unfortunately, life challenges him more and more. A seller’s small salary is not enough to pay all the bills, and Chris and his son are evicted from their home, and they have to wander the streets. The man finds a new job, but financial success eludes him again. Still, even these circumstances can’t break him down, because he has to stay strong for his son.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

Le scaphandre et le papillon

Jean-Dominique Bauby, an editor-in-chief of Elle Magazine, suffered a devastating stroke when he was 43. As a result, his whole body, except for one eye, was paralyzed. Despite this, he was able to communicate with other people with the help of his good eye. By winking, when a person named the right letter, he managed to communicate not only what he was feeling in his soul, but he also wrote a book.

Pay It Forward

Do you know how to change the world for the better? Little Trevor knows. He made up a scheme through which goodness should spread worldwide. For example, you help someone, and then ask them not to thank you but to help three other people, and each of these three return the favor to three more people. But does the scheme work? Trevor decides to check, and he starts a chain of good deeds.

A Good Year

A young and successful manager, Max Skinner, comes to France to sell his late uncle's house. He expects to get rid of the house as soon as possible, but it turns out that he's not the only one who claims the property. New friends and incredible events make the main character understand that there are things more important than power and money. 


Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain

Amelie believes that the world she's living in is a nice and good place, and that every action has a meaning. Once she finds a box and goes looking for its owner; that's how her adventures start. This is a movie about magic and how, by participating in others' destiny, we not only make their lives brighter, but we also paint our own lives in new colors.

Life of Pi

This is an amazing story about the life of Pi, the son of a zookeeper. Along with his family, the boy decides to move to Canada, but halfway to his new home the ship crashes. Pi survives, but there are only several animals on the boat with him, including a Bengal tiger. It's an utterly beautiful movie that teaches us how to cope with the challenges of life.

Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story

A little girl, Cale, whose father is involved in the breeding of horses, lives at a ranch with her parents and dreams to continue her father's work when she grows up. Despite the deep affection for it, the father and daughter are far from having a mutual understanding. Everything changes when Cale asks her father to heal her favorite horse. The child's love for the horse becomes a great push for her father, and he realizes that there's nothing more important than his favorite daughter's happiness.

Peaceful Warrior

A gymnast, Dan Millman, has everything he needs for a happy life: awards, teammates, girls and crazy parties. But one day his life changes completely; he gets into a car accident and gets a lot of wounds and bruises. Once he's out of the hospital, he meets a wonderful man named Socrates, who opens for him a new world of human potential. Now Dan has to change and start a new life.


After her parents' death, 11-year-old Pollyanna has to move in with her strict aunt. Pollyanna moves from the atmosphere of parental love to the world of strict rules and prohibitions. But the girl doesn't give up; her father taught her an important thing — how to enjoy life in any circumstances. It's a good movie that you'll want to watch again and again.

School of Life

A new teacher named Mr. D arrives at Fallbrook Middle School, and everyone is crazy about him. The pupils love him, as well as the other teachers — except for Mr. Warner. Mr. Warner is competing to become the school's Teacher of the Year, but with the arrival of the young teacher, his chances to win decrease dramatically. However, Mr. Warner isn't ready to give up, and he declares war against the new teacher. But Mr. D has a secret that nobody knows and that will change the school's life.


This is a story about young Cinderella, whose father, having become a widower, married an insidious and evil lady, Tremaine, who has two daughters. Soon the new relatives move to the mansion and turn Cinderella into a maid. Even after her father's death the girl doesn't give up, and she continues thinking about the good things in life. Soon, a chance meeting with a beautiful young man changes her life. This is a good and incredibly beautiful fairy tale that makes you want to believe in better things to come.

The Ron Clark Story

This is a good cautionary tale based on real events that won't leave anyone indifferent. A young and active teacher, Ron Clark moves to New York and gets a job in the school where children from disadvantaged areas are taught. Teachers, parents, and even pupils think that they're the dregs of society — except for Ron. He uses all his passion for teaching and the newest methods to inspire and put a fire in the children's hearts.

Whale Rider

The movie's plot is connected to an ancient Maori legend about a chief of the ancient tribes who was saved of his envious brother's revenge by a huge whale. Many centuries later, the chief of Whangara tribe, Koro, believes that his life is finished because he doesn't have any male heirs. But his granddaughter Pai decides to prove that she can become a chief and lead the tribe. To do this, she had to make an almost impossible thing happen: master a martial art, learn spells and ride the giant whale. 

Little Miss Sunshine

Little Olive dreams about taking part in the Little Miss Sunshine Contest. Her family supports her, but they're too busy figuring out their own problems. Once they find out that Olive is invited to the contest, all the family members gather and go on a journey to help their girl win. It's a surprisingly nice movie, full of humor and optimism.

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