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15 Movie Details That Slipped Past Even the Most Attentive Fans

Filmmakers like to add interesting details and messages to their movies. The thing is, these small things help a story become warmer as we realize it was created with a lot of love.

Sometimes these features aren’t that obvious and it’s hard to find them in movies. Bright Side is going to tell you about some of them and warns you: after reading this article, you may have an urge to watch all these movies all over again.

  • Pixar studio has always been famous for their attention to detail. But this time they decided to beat their own record: in Toy Story 4, you can distinguish each thread on the characters’ clothes.

  • In the Ocean’s Eleven trilogy, you can see that Casey Affleck’s character’s moustache is getting longer and longer with each film.
  • Do you remember the scene from The Taming of the Scoundrel when Celentano pulls out a bed with Ornella Muti’s character in it? Filmmakers just decided to draw a carpet so that it didn’t spoil the shooting.
  • In Sleeping Beauty, there’s a scene where Prince Phillip and Princess Aurora are dancing, and fairies can’t decide on the color of her dress and are changing it from pink to blue and back. It turns out that the filmmakers also argued about the color of the dress and decided to depict that argument in the cartoon.
  • The last scene from Back to the Future and the first scene from Back To The Future, Part II are identical, but film makers had to reshoot it because the actress who played Jennifer had changed. The creators wanted to be these scenes as much alike as possible, but we can still notice some tiny differences, which you can find here.
  • In Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Natalie Portman played Queen Amidala and Keira Knightley played her twin servant. In youth, the girls were so much alike that even Keira’s mom couldn’t recognize her daughter with heavy makeup on. This was the first big role for Keira in the world of cinema, so we could say that Natalie had a kind of indirect influence on Knightley’s success.
  • In Lilo and Stitch, Lilo has an older sister named Nani: she’s a real surfing star with lots of medals. But soon we notice that surfing disappears from her life, after their parents’ death, and Nani has to devote her whole life to her little sister. By the way, you can see a Mulan poster in Nani’s room, it’s a little nod to another studio’s cartoon.
  • Initially, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s most famous phrase in Terminator was “I’ll come back” instead of “I’ll be back.” Well, the meaning didn’t change, really.
  • In Spider-Man with Tobey Maguire, Peter Parker says he has to focus in one of the scenes. A few seconds later, he smashes into Ford Focus.
  • There’s another interesting detail in the film: in one of the scenes, Harry asks Mary Jane to put on a black dress before meeting his father. Soon we see that when Mary Jane meets Harry’s father on Thanksgiving, she’s wearing a black dress.
  • In The LEGO Movie, you can see fingerprints on the costume of the main character. They love details!
  • Take a look at Congsworth from Beauty and the Beast after he turns into a human: his moustache resembles clock hands.
  • In Avengers: Age of Ultron, the sculpture above the clock on Grand Central Station was replaced with a memorial to the rescuers: the original sculpture was destroyed during a fight in the first Avengers.
  • In Fantastic Mr. Fox, Ash the fox always tries to stand out from the crowd. In the last scene, he does it again: all the characters are drinking apple juice and he’s drinking grape juice.
  • In the scene where Jordan Belfort is talking to a Swiss banker in The Wolf of Wall Street, take a look at what stands behind the characters: behind Belfort, there’s Lake Geneva, and behind the banker, there’s an aquarium. Creators wanted to highlight that a big fish was dealing with a small fish.

Have you ever noticed any interesting details in films? Share the most impressive ones with us!