15 New TV Series We Can Watch in One Weekend

Thanks to the hectic lifestyles we all lead today, many of us don't leave enough time for ourselves. That's why when the weekend comes around, we're ready to catch up on a week's worth of entertainment by staying in bed 'til noon, reading books, and of course, watching our favorite TV shows.

For those who don't like to waste the entire day watching slow-moving soap operas, Bright Side has collected new TV series that can be watched within several days - some even within a couple hours!

Little Women, 2017

Number of episodes: 3

This TV series shows the life of the four March sisters that are living during the time of the Civil War in the US. Their father has left for the frontlines and all the families' hardships lie on their mother's shoulders. The girls help their mom and agree to do the hardest work in order to not die of hunger. Despite being sisters, each girl has her own unique character. Meg is romantic and sensitive, Jo is a forward thinker that likes to climb trees, Beth is very shy and scared of people (but that doesn't prevent her from loving them), and Amy is very sly and takes advantage of the fact that everyone likes her.

Together, the girls will learn many life lessons, meet their loved ones and overcome a loss.

One of the main roles is performed by Uma Thurman's daughter, Maya Hawke.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, 2017 — present

Number of episodes: 8

Spouses Miriam and Joel meet each other in college, get married and have children. Miriam always tries to please and support her husband even while he was stealing ideas for his comedic performances from other artists. In addition to stealing material, Joel starts having an affair with another woman and leaves the family. While suffering through this event, Miriam gets drunk and goes to the club where her husband frequently performs and decides to go on stage and give a killer stand-up set. From there, Miriam attempts to balance her dream-career with raising children, keeping a job and dealing with her annoying parents.

This comedy series can be easily watched in one sitting.

Dark, 2017

Number of episodes: 10

There are four families living in a small German city. Their lives are going swimmingly. But this ideal lifestyle ends after the loss of two teenagers, whose disappearances weren't noticed at first. The police can't figure out the cause of the tragedy so some other people decide to go out and search for answers - even though some of them haven't spoken to each other for a long time. Each of them will learn that even the smallest and most insignificant detail can shed some light on this terrible crime. What could the teenagers have learned before they disappeared so suddenly?

This TV series will be appealing to people who love doing puzzles.

Kiri, 2018

Number of episodes: 4

This TV series is about the destiny of a little girl that is protected by a social worker named Miriam. Another family is ready to adopt the girl but before starting the process, Miriam decides to arrange a meeting with the girl and her biological grandparents. After this visit, the girl disappears. The social worker becomes an outcast in the eyes of society and it is she who gets accused of everything that has happened. But no one realizes that it's not Miriam who is responsible for the disappearance of the child, but rather, she's the one who's trying to find out what happened. Will Miriam manage to find her?

This drama miniseries will keep you tense until the very last moment.

Apple Tree Yard, 2017

Number of episodes: 4

Yvonne Carmichael leads a quiet lifestyle. She is married, raising two children and is completely engaged in science. Soon she meets a handsome guy named Mark Costley who threatens her family and career. What will Yvonne choose - happiness or a routine life?

This drama series will definitely be liked by women.

La Mante, (The Mantis), 2017

Number of episodes: 6

The action takes place in modern-day Paris. Jeanne Deber is a cold-blooded woman and a serial killer that has been terrorizing the country for the last 25 years. The police finally manage to track her down and send her to jail for the rest of her life. Several years later, France faces the horror of the same crimes that were performed by Deber. Is this a copycat murderer? The police make a deal with Jeanne Deber who agreed to cooperate with them on the condition of working with her son, a policeman. The young man doesn't want to work with his mother, but doesn't have a choice.

This psychological thriller will have you holding your breath the whole time.

Ordeal by Innocence, 2018

The number of series: 3

The main characters of this series are Leo Argyle and his wife Rachel who have adopted five children before the war. Their perfect family life collapses after a woman is found dead in her own living room. The woman's son Jacko gets arrested on suspicion of murder but claims to be innocent.

This new adaptation of the famous Agatha Christie novel will be liked by mystery fans.

Electric Dreams, 2017 — present

Number of episodes: 10

The series is based on several famous works by the cult science fiction writer, Philip K. Dick. Each episode is dedicated to one of Dick's stories including The Commuter, Kill All Others and more.

Science fiction fans will appreciate this touching and witty series.

The Resident, 2018 — present

Number of episodes: 14

This series is about a young intern named Devon Pravesh who stands out above the crowd thanks to his idealistic outlook on life. He thinks that everything should stay on the right track, while any step outside of the box could lead to negative consequences. Working under the guidance of a cold and isolated resident Conrad Hawkins, Pravesh realizes that things are not as simple as they once seemed.

A perfect drama that involves the battle between idealistic doctors and creative ones.

The Gifted, 2017 — present

Number of episodes: 13

In this modern society, people and mutants live amongst each other. But the US government has decided to limit the rights of mutants and allow special services to hunt them. Reed Strucker, who used to work as an attorney for mutants, finds that he and his wife's kids have super abilities. They realize their kids' lives are threatened and decide to run away with the support of the mutant underworld. Will they be able to escape from these hostile people?

The series is captivating even to those who aren't interested in the Marvel universe.

Young Sheldon, 2017 — present

Number of episodes: 22

This series is a spin-off of the hit show, The Big Bang Theory and explores the not-so-simple childhood of young genius, Sheldon. Sheldon's mom is a very religious woman and his father likes to spend evenings in front of the TV with a bottle of beer in hand. Additionally, it's quite difficult for Sheldon to get along with other kids because he is more interested in scientific experiments than toys.

Fun fact: The actress who plays the role of young Sheldon's mother is actually the real daughter of the actress who plays the role of adult Sheldon's mother on The Big Bang Theory.

This is a great series that puts you in a good mood even in the stormiest weather.

Little Boy Blue, 2017

Little Boy Blue / ITV Broadcasting

Number of episodes: 4

This story is based on real events that happened in August of 2007. An 11-year-old boy named Rhys Jones was killed on his way home after a football match. There were many witnesses to the event but everyone was so scared of the local hooligan that nobody dared to rat him out. However, the detective named Dave who is investigating the crime doesn't lose hope and does what he can to put the criminal behind bars. Will he manage to do it?

You won't be able to get enough of this crime drama.

McMafia, 2018 — present

Number of episodes: 8

The main character of the series, Alex Godman is the son of Russian immigrants and is trying to escape his criminal mafia family to live a quiet life with his girlfriend Rebecca. But Alex's past haunts him as he has to go back to his criminal ways to save the people he loves.

This series' depiction of "Russian life" may leave many with smiles on their faces.

Counterpart, 2017 — present

Number of episodes: 10

An elderly bureaucrat named Howard Silk has been working in a secret organization for more than 30 years without realizing what kind of deals the company makes. Everything changes when one day Howard is taken to the security chief for questioning and gets introduced to himself from a parallel universe. His counterpart has come to this universe to find a murderer from his own world. Now the bureaucrat Howard will be involved in a whirlpool of intrigue, murder, and espionage. Howard will also get to explore the other world of his counterpart and start to discover some traits in himself that he never knew existed.

This captivating series has won the hearts of many watchers.

9-1-1, 2018 — present

Number of episodes: 10

This series is about usual people who have chosen a very unusual profession. Policemen, firefighters, and paramedics work together in the harsh conditions of a big city. Often risking their lives, they fulfill their duties getting into shocking and horrible situations.

This dynamic series is recommended for a wide range of viewers.

Which of these TV series will you watch this weekend? Please let us know in the comments!

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