15 Surprising Movie Scenes You’ve Never Seen

For some reason, many directors today cut out scenes from the final versions of their movies that are crucial to better understand the plot. This can leave their viewers guessing.

Bright Side found 15 such movies where those "hidden" scenes shed new and awesome light on our favorite plots.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

The golden rule of any adventure: if a killed character’s body isn’t shown, then they’re alive. In a hidden scene of the movie (maybe we’ll see it in the sequel), Credence boards a ship to leave New York.

The Dark Knight Rises

When Cillian Murphy (Scarecrow) appears as a judge, he condemns the prisoners to “banishment“: instead of death, they were given a chance to leave the city on a river that had frozen over. In a deleted scene, Jim Gordon asks him, ”No lawyer. No witnesses. You call it a due legal process?" To which the Scarecrow replied, “It’s more than you gave your prisoners, Commissioner.” This means punishment methods were mostly unjust, and Batman is largely a villain (he and Gordon also threw criminals into jail without a trial).

Pirates of the Caribbean

Jack isn’t a pirate? Sparrow wasn’t a thief: he was a merchant who collaborated with a trading company in East India. However, instead of transferring slaves to his ship, Wicked Wench, he freed them (10:58). For that, his ship was sunk, and he himself was branded a "pirate."


Wade is diagnosed with terminal cancer. In a deleted scene, Wade and Vanessa go to Guadalajara to seek treatment on the black market. Once there, Wade realizes the doctor deceives his patients, and, losing all hope, he kills the doctor in front of everyone. The scene shows just why Wade transformed into the vicious Deadpool.


The story of sisterly love had initially been planned as an adaptation of Snow Queen, which would have made Elsa a villain. She eventually became a good character, but some of the traits of "evil Elsa" almost made it into the final cut. For instance, there’s a deleted scene where Elsa encases 2 soldiers in ice and tortures information out of them.


Zootopia is a society of animals where predators and herbivores coexist in peace. There’s a scene that explains this phenomenon: Judy and Nick were to stumble upon an initiation party for a young bear. His father gives him a present: an electric shock collar. When the bear becomes too dire, he’s electrocuted. So much for peace.

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Saruman’s death was neglected in the final movie: his fate was only mentioned in passing, and the viewers know only that he disappeared and became "powerless," although there was a whole scene filmed depicting his murder.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Peter’s parents were thought to be deceased, and Parker wanted to learn as much about their death as possible. There’s an alternative ending to the second movie, where the unexpected occurs: Peter meets his father.

Game of Thrones

Deleted scenes shed some light on the love story of Tyrion and Shae. Bronn advised the Hand’s lover to "adapt to circumstances." And as the finale demonstrates, Shae heeded this advice.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Finn explained to Rey that he’d realized he wasn’t a killer in his very first battle, and he’d never return to the stormtroopers’ ranks. The scene itself was never shown to the public, but there’s a deleted scene that explains it: in his first skirmish, he sees a woman with a baby and puts his gun away.


Remember the biology lesson at the very beginning? It had been conceived as quite a bloodthirsty scene where Edward senses the blood of Bella and sinks his teeth into her neck. There’s such an episode in all 5 movies, initially thought to uncover a different side of Cullen, but they weren’t shown to the public in the end.


Producers clearly wanted to complicate matters and cut out several key episodes. For example, in an alternative beginning, aliens used the black liquid to create mankind. They performed a ritual that made the alien DNA recombine in water, shaping all life. If this scene had been left, viewers wouldn’t have had to rack their brains about what that black substance actually was.

Pretty Woman

Remember Edward saving Vivian from drug dealers? Of course not because that scene was deleted from the movie so as not to spoil the impression of the main character. The original script was much more dramatic, and part of the deal was for Vivian to stop taking cocaine for a week.

Blade Runner

This scene is less than 30 seconds long, but it turned the whole plot upside down. The final movie had a happy ending, but in the director’s cut, Deckard finds an origami unicorn. This symbol plays a huge role but started to make sense only when directors added the dreams. And now it’s obvious that Deckard is actually a replicant, and it was Gaff who put the origami near him, meaning he saw Deckard’s dreams.

Suicide Squad

It’s hard to imagine Harley Quinn without her baseball bat. But why did she choose it in the first place? In a deleted scene, we can see the Joker beating someone to death with a bat. In the next scene, he forbids his hoods to kill Harley, showing a special attitude toward her. The birth of such feelings led to her receiving that same bat.

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