16 Curious Things Filmmakers Hid in Our Favorite Movies

Filmmakers like to leave hidden messages in their works and finding them is a real pleasure for movie lovers. Do you remember the final scene in the movie Inception? The answer to this scene’s big question has only been answered just recently.

Bright Side collected several curious Easter eggs that you could easily miss in these films even if you have watched them many, many times. Do you think you’ve caught all the Easter eggs we’re about to expose?

  • You’ve probably asked yourself why no one noticed that Kevin was missing before getting to the airport in the movie Home Alone. All the kids were given out their tickets. Where, in this case, were Kevin’s tickets?

    Turns out the creators of the movie thought everything through. One of the scenes in the movie shows us a small conflict that happened in the kitchen. During the quarrel at the table where the documents and tickets were lying, they got dirty. Kevin’s father started to wipe the table and it seems that he had thrown away Kevin’s tickets together with some dirty tissues — they can clearly be seen in the garbage bin. That’s the secret: the next morning all the kids got their tickets but little Kevin stayed home alone.

  • The movie Deadpool 2 has at least 2 celebrity cameos. The first one is known by many — it’s a one-second appearance of Brad Pitt in the role of the Vanisher — the character whom nobody sees for most of the movie. The idea of adding Pitt to the episode wasn’t implemented until almost the end of the filming process. According to Ryan Reynolds, Brad acted in the movie for a cup of coffee. “I was told that he wants only coffee and I asked, ’Do you mean a cup of coffee or a chain of coffee shops?’ And I was told it was only a cup of coffee that he wanted.”
  • In another scene from the movie, we see 2 guys discussing the advantages of wet wipes over regular toilet paper. Those characters were actually Alan Tudyk and a disguised Matt Damon. But the titles in the credits list Damon as Dickie Greenleaf, the character from the movie The Talented Mr. Ripley that Matt starred in. The nickname was used on purpose because the character of Matt Damon, Tom Ripley, was killed by Greenleaf played by Jude Law and traveled around the world using his name, connections, and money.
  • There is an interesting detail in the beloved cartoon, The Lion King. Throughout the movie, Scar’s claws are always in a combative position, unlike the claws of the other lions.
  • As we all remember, the main character of The Truman Show lives under the lenses of numerous hidden cameras and his life is watched by millions of spectators. Perhaps you didn’t notice, but one of the cameras is hidden right in his ring.
  • Quentin Tarantino loves to leave Easter eggs in his movies and Pulp Fiction is no exception. The plot of the movie develops non-linearly. In the first episode, we can see a couple of burglars named Ringo and Yolanda sitting in a café and discussing the upcoming robbery. They take out guns and right after that, the introductory credits start.

    The movie ends with a scene in the same café. While the burglars are discussing their plan we see Vincent and Jules (the characters played by John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson) discussing Jules’ wish to leave the criminal world. Vincent stands up and leaves for the restroom. If you pay close attention, the first scene of the movie clearly shows Vincent walking to the restroom behind Yolanda!
  • By the way, every time Vincent goes to the bathroom, bad things start to happen. When he returned from the bathroom the first time, he found a breathless Mia Wallace, and the second time he got right in the middle of the robbery in the cafe. The third time, he died right on the toilet from an automatic burst that Butch (Bruce Willis) shot as a surprise.
  • Now let’s recall the final scene from the movie, Inception. Cobb, the character played by Leonardo DiCaprio, spins a whirligig to check whether he is in reality or not (if the whirligig doesn’t fall, it means he is still sleeping). The whirligig doesn’t have time to fall because the movie suddenly stops and the viewers are left wondering.

    Recently, the actor Michael Caine, who played Miles, the father-in-law of the main character, revealed some details. As Caine put it, he claimed to the director of the movie
    Christopher Nolan that he didn’t understand when the movie showed them “asleep” or in “reality”. Nolan answered by saying, “When you appear in the episode, it’s reality.”

    Now let’s get back to that last scene: Caine’s character appears in it. He calls Cobb’s kids which means that he finally managed to get back to his family in reality and the whirligig will finally fall down.
  • The movie Spider-Man: Homecoming has the following Easter egg: If you follow the link that Peter is watching in one of the scenes, the trailer of the movie will open. You can check it out here.
  • The creators of the movie The Godfather suggested that the image of Vito Corleone would look more evil if the spectators couldn’t see his eyes during serious talks. The trick worked well and Marlon Brando played the role brilliantly.
  • Sometimes filmmakers leave Easter eggs in costumes. For example, the image of the White Witch in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe keeps changing throughout the movie and shows that the eternal winter gradually recedes. At the beginning of the movie, she is wearing fur costumes, while closer to the end they become lighter and simpler. The thawing is noticed in the big ice crown the witch wears. Throughout the movie, it starts to gradually melt and finally disappears completely.
  • The Marvel Universe loves leaving Easter eggs and uses them in almost every movie. Sometimes they even hide interesting facts about the characters. For example, Captain America’s date of birth can be seen in the movie Captain America: The First Avenger. It’s the 4th of July — the U.S.A’s Independence Day.
  • Have you ever noticed that Na’vi in the Avatar movie has 4 fingers on her hands, while Jake has 5 fingers?
  • Very often, movie creators hide Easter eggs as an homage to other famous movies. For example, the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith has a scene where Brad Pitt’s character is interrogating the hostage. This guy’s T-shirt clearly shows the Fight Club image — a legendary movie where Pitt played one of the greatest roles of his career.
  • The creators of the movie Monsters, Inc. have thought through not only the characters themselves but also the things surrounding them. For example, Sullivan's armchair has a special hole for his tail.
  • Not only is the Pixar studio famous for its Easter eggs and references to previous films, but it’s also known for showing the tiniest details in its movies. Just look at this: the animators have drawn the tiny hairs on the little boy’s face in the movie, Coco.

Have you ever noticed any Easter eggs in movies or cartoons? Please share the most interesting ones in the comments!

Preview photo credit Coco / Pixar
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