17 surprises that prove there’s a lot we don’t know about our favorite animated movies

The creators of animated movies are completely absorbed in their work. For their most devoted fans, they sometimes leave "easter eggs" for them to find - characters from other movies who make a not-so-obvious appearance in a new film. But you have to be very sharp-eyed to find some of them. Here are just a few examples. Did you know about them?

Hercules / The Lion King

Zootopia / Frozen

Zootopia / Aladdin

The Little Mermaid / A Goofy Movie

Aladdin / Beauty and the Beast

Tangled / Pinocchio

Aladdin / The Little Mermaid

The Princess and the Frog / Aladdin

101 Dalmatians / Lady and the Tramp

Frozen / The Princess and the Frog

Inside Out / Ratatouille

Monsters, Inc. / Finding Nemo

The Great Mouse Detective / Dumbo

Oliver & Company / 101 Dalmatians

The Little Mermaid / Cinderella

The Hunchback of Notre Dame / Beauty and the Beast

Frozen / Tangled

Bonus: the painting Girl with a Pearl Earring can be seen in Beauty and the Beast

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