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18 Close-Up Comparisons That Show How Iconic Celebrities Changed Over Time

Magazine covers show us celebrity faces that have already become very familiar to us. That’s why we fail to notice that years are passing by and that together, with our reflection in the mirror, the appearance of our idols has changed too. However, there are those who seem to have tapped into a fountain of youth and still look as young as they did before.


We at Bright Side found photos of cult celebs that were taken several years ago and compared them with today’s photos to see how they have changed over time.

Sharon Stone (age 38 and 61)

Ben Affleck (age 36 and 47)

Naomi Campbell (age 31 and 50)

Hugh Grant (age 34 and 56)


Amanda Seyfried (age 22 and 35)

Jean Reno (age 57 and 69)

Glenn Close (age 58 and 74)

Brad Pitt (age 41 and 55)


Maria Sharapova (age 17 and 31)

Juliette Binoche (age 38 and 56)

David Beckham (age 28 and 44)

Meryl Streep (age 49 and 69)


Al Pacino (age 59 and 79)

George Clooney (age 37 and 57)

Keira Knightley (age 26 and 34)

Kyle MacLachlan (age 46 and 59)

Halle Berry (age 40 and 54)

Vivien Leigh (age 27 and 52)

Which of these celebrities, in your opinion, started to look better with age?