19 poignant movies with brilliant endings

People say that an epilogue is far more interesting that a prologue. Sometimes a movie's ending can completely change our understanding of the whole picture, making us admire the director's idea and watch the movie again from the very beginning.

We here at Bright Side collected an array of movies with endings that will make you feel a storm of emotions.

The Third Man

''The Third Man'' is a classic, and it's even recognized by the American Film Institute as 'one of the best American detectives' in history. The main character plays the role of a private detective, and in the course of an investigation, he not only sees the relativity of conventional wisdom and moral compasses, but he also finds himself in a situation where he has to choose between love and duty.

Lola Montès

Set in the 1950s on a provincial circus stage, among the rich scenery an older but still delightful Lola Montes sits in a regal pose. The audience follows this mysterious woman's life, performed by circus actors, whilst she herself answers any question, even the most awkward, for 25 cents.

Aguirre, the Wrath of God

Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes

After the Spanish conquered and looted the Inca Empire, a legend of a fantastically rich El Dorado arose. Legend has it, this city was lost in the boundless forests of the Amazon basin. A large group of Spanish conquistadors and the Peruvian Indians leave Peru in order to reach the mythical 'City of Gold.'


When notary Lebel read to the Marwan twins their mother's will, there was no limit to Jeanne and Simon's surprise: she wanted them to find their father, whom the twins thought was dead, and their brother, whose existence they never knew about. With the notary's help, the children find out that their mother Nawal had been carefully hiding from them a lot of facts about her tragic fate.

Bicycle Thieves

Ladri di biciclette

Set in post-war Rome, Antonio Ricci, who has been unemployed for a long period of time, is overjoyed because he has finally found a job. But on his first day, someone steals his bike that he can't work without. In a huge city, together with his little son, Bruno, he trys to find his stolen bicycle. The life of his family depends on his success.

The Leopard

Il Gattopardo

Set in May 1860 in Italy, a civil war between the Republicans, Garibaldi's supporters, and the ruling Bourbons dynasty's adherents breaks out. Prince Fabrizio Di Salina, a Sicilian feudal lord, and an educated and wise intellectual nobleman, treats these changes with understanding and pessimism. That's why when his young nephew, Tancredi, joins the Garibaldi rebels, Don Fabrizio doesn't judge him. 'I belong to the outgoing class, I'm free from illusions, and I'm incapable of self-deception,' he says. 'We are leopards, lions. Those who will replace us, they will be jackals, hyenas.'

The Wages of Fear

Le salaire de la peur

Four brave men who are stuck with no money in a tiny town somewhere in the heart of Latin America, agree to deliver 2 trucks loaded with nitroglycerin to some oil wells. The nitroglycerin there is used to fight fires, but it's deadly during transportation because it's a powerful explosive. The slightest mistake, even a single wrong motion, and everything will disappear in flames. They have almost no chance of getting to their destination, but they desperately need money.


At the center of the plot of this movie are two sisters: Justine and Claire. The first part deals with Justine's wedding. She quickly loses interest in the ceremony, and that causes a misunderstanding among relatives and guests. The second part tells us about Claire, Justine's sister. Initially, Claire takes care of Justine, who is clinically depressed, and at the same time she's afraid of the news that a mysterious planet called Melancholia is approaching. Gradually, as the planet approaches, Justine and Claire switch roles.

The Searchers

A former Confederate States Army soldier Ethan Edwards is looking for his niece. She was kidnapped by Comanche, who killed his entire family. Hunger, thirst and solitude can't scare him. During five years of desperate searching, Ethan finds something that he didn't expect to find: his own humanity.

Cinema Paradiso

Nuovo Cinema Paradiso

This is the story of the happy days when Italian cinema hadn't yet become aware of the 'crisis of Italian cinema.' This is a story of ten-year-old Salvatore Di Vita and his love for the dreamy and fascinating world of cinema.


Vittoria moves through life between different circumstances: a man, a friend, another man, a neighbor; goings, comings, meetings, stories. All of this is reminiscent of clouds floating in the sky - one moment they are here, and a moment later they can disappear. Nothing is special, nothing is emphasized. Life goes on. Then a theatrical dance: water in a tub, slivers on dry ground, the eclipse.


What do you do when everyone is against you? When the police aren't going to look for your husband's murderer? You take everything into your own hands. It doesn't matter if you end up in jail yourself; it doesn't even matter that your jailer will become the dearest person in the world for you. The main thing is to do what no one expects from you.

Landscape in the Mist

Topio stin omichli

This movie is about the journey of two children looking for their father, who probably lives in Germany. On their way they meet a lot of people and get into different situations. The obsession with their father's personality will keep them on the border between childhood and adolescence.

2001: A Space Odyssey

Who are we? What is our place in the universe? The movie characters face these questions. The crew of the spacecraft Discovery One — Captains David Bowman, Frank Poole, and the ship's computer HAL 9000 — have to explore a distant part of the Solar System and understand why aliens are watching the Earth. Along the way they will face a lot of unexpected discoveries.

3:10 to Yuma

After a well-known outlaw Ben Wade is arrested, his gang continues terrorizing local residents. A Civil War veteran and the owner of a small ranch, Dan Evans, agrees to take Wade secretly to the nearest town with the railway station, where he can be taken by train to Yuma. As soon as they get to the hotel, it becomes clear that the secret has been revealed, and the chase for both of them begins.

The 400 Blows

Les quatre cents coups

Twelve-year-old Antoine Doinel is a troubled teenager. His mother is too busy with her personal life, and she has neither time nor desire to understand her son's problems. His stepfather has no influence on either his wife or his son. Teachers only punish the boy. Antoine and his friend seldom attend school, and then they run away from home. 


Literary critic George receives a box in the mail. He opens it and finds some videotapes, where the fragments of his and his family's life are recorded. As he watches them, these pictures suggest to George that the strange parcel's sender knows him rather well. He begins to worry. Who is the mysterious sender of the box, and what goal is he pursuing?

There Will Be Blood

This is an epic film about the birth of the American oil industry. At the end of the XIX century, prospector Daniel Plainview searches alone for gold and silver in California. Once, a man named Paul Sunday comes to him and promises to show him a place where oil literally shoots up from the ground. For a reward, of course.


This is a comedy-drama by Emir Kusturica about a 'closed society.' During the days of World War II in Belgrade, the underground anti-fascists organized a factory producing weapons. The war is long over, but they continue their production. And all these years, life up here goes on, as well as the underground life. But they're two very different things.

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