19 Times Disney Cartoons Prepared You For Adult Life

We all grew up with Disney movies. Bambi taught us not to say anything at all if we can't say something nice. Beauty and the Beast showed us that true love is not found in the way someone looks but in the way they treat others. Have you ever imagined what it would be like if the Disney characters lived in our world? Let's see how they'd survive alongside us.

Bright Side would love to show you what would happen if Disney characters actually grew up with us!

1. Pretty sure this chick's account is frozen.

2. Leaving work and saw that Aladdin has taken up 2 spots!

3. When you were afraid of Scar as a kid, but relate to him on a personal level as an adult:

4. R.I.P Sully.

5. Sometimes it's useful to stop for a second, revise what you've done, and look at what you've gotten yourself into.

6. Never ever, under any circumstances pause a Disney movie!

7. Disney taught me that the best way to express sadness is to throw yourself onto the nearest object and dramatically sob.

8. Whoever did this is pure evil!

9. When you accidentally hit the front-facing camera:

10. When you're watching a Disney movie and just randomly burst into song:

11. Girls with long hair be like:

12. And he liked it!

13. I relate to Alice. I keep randomly eating and drinking everything I see, hoping it might solve all my problems.

14. A dog out walking a dog.

15. Learns English from an British girl but still has an American accent.

16. When you're trying to prove he's your one and only:

17. Always fact check before you share.

18. The cruelest stepmother for sure.

19. Find someone who looks at you the way the Beast looks at Belle with her book.

What was your favorite movie? Do you still like it and are you ready to watch it again and again?

Preview photo credit Walt Disney Animation Studios
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