20+ Facts About the “Forrest Gump” Movie That Can Make You Want to Watch It All Over Again

Tom Hanks made a decision to star in the Forrest Gump movie one and a half hours after reading the script. He even refused to be compensated in the form of a salary and instead asked for a percent of the movie’s overall gross profit. He also set one important condition for the creators that added a lot of extra meaning to the movie. If you know what we are talking about, this article is for you.

Bright Side figured out which historical spin-offs are hidden in the movie and also learned several interesting details about it.

  • The film was adapted from a novel with the same name, written by Winston Groom. However, the protagonist appears to readers as an almost heartless cynic in the book. His personality is much softer in the movie. By the way, Forrest's famous phrase in the movie, "Life is like a box of chocolates" sounds more like, "Being an idiot is no box of chocolates" in the book. Do you feel the difference between the characters' personalities?
  • The book about Forrest has a sequel that was written after the release of the movie. In the second book, Gump meets actor Tom Hanks. Hanks himself refused to take part in the second part having declared that a sequel is the worst thing that could be done with a movie.
  • When shooting Forrest Gump’s cross country running parts, Tom Hanks was periodically replaced by another person. This person was the actor’s brother, Jim Hanks, who became his body double.
  • The ball that Gump was using while playing ping-pong is not real. It was drawn with the help of computer graphics so that it always hit the racquet. Did it also seem to you that Hanks was the god of this game?
  • By the way, when Forrest was being taught to play ping-pong, he was recommended to keep his eyes on the ball. That’s why the main character never blinks in the parts where he’s playing.
  • However, all the photos with Forrest that you are able to see in the movie have him with closed eyes.
  • Tom Hanks agreed to star in the movie but refused to be compensated in the form of a salary and instead asked for a percent of the movie’s overall gross profit. This contract made the actor $40 million richer.
  • The very phrase, “My name is Forrest Gump. People call me Forrest Gump.” was created by Tom Hanks while filming. Eventually, the phrase was kept because the director liked it a lot.
  • The role of the main character’s mother is played by actress Sally Field. She is only 10 years older than Tom Hanks and she even played his loved interest in the movie Punchline.
  • There is an interesting detail in the movie — whenever there is a time shift and Forrest becomes older, he always wears a blue plaid shirt at the beginning of the age transition.
  • Do you remember the part where Robin Wright performs in the bar? It took almost 24 hours to shoot this part. Wright was sick with flu at that moment and she had a fever. In spite of this, she stayed strong and was able to perform perfectly.
  • In order to make the amputated legs of Lieutenant Dan look realistic, Gary Sinise's knees and shins were wrapped in a special blue fabric that allowed the production crew to digitally remove his legs later. However, the most attentive viewers claim that you can see Dan leaning on his "non-existent" legs in some parts of the movie.
  • Did you know that Warner Bros. Studio gave up the rights to Forrest Gump having exchanged them for the rights to Executive Decision instead? It seemed to them that the image of a mentally challenged guy had already been fully played out in Rain Man and that the audience wouldn’t see anything new on the screen.
  • Today the movie is stored in the Library of Congress because it has a huge cultural, historical, and aesthetic value for the country.
  • 1994, the year when Forrest Gump was released, became a golden year for Hollywood. Movies like Pulp Fiction, The Shawshank Redemption, and The Lion King were released this year too. Together with Forrest Gump, they are listed first on the list of the greatest movies of all time.

Have you ever had a situation where, after learning a small detail about a movie, you started to see it from a different angle? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

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