20 Facts About “Titanic” That Make Us Discover New Sides of This Movie

20 Facts About “Titanic” That Make Us Discover New Sides of This Movie

It’s hard to imagine, but it has been 20 years since Titanic was released. There are very few people in this world who have not seen this movie and most have seen it more than once. It’s a classic that has become cherished all over the world.

Bright Side has found several interesting facts about the production process of this movie. At the end of the article, there is a bonus about the woman Rose’s character was based on.

  • Such actors as Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, Macaulay Culkin, and Matthew McConaughey auditioned for the role of Jack Dawson. Kate Winslet even took an audition with Matthew McConaughey. But the young (and not then famous) Leonardo DiCaprio got the role.
  • Kate Winslet didn't get the role so easily, either. Madonna, Sharon Stone, Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Wynona Rider, and Uma Thurman were her competition. To increase her chances, Kate got the phone number of the director and kept calling him to tell him, "I have to get this role. You'd be mad not to hire me." Now she denies it, but she admits that she sent Cameron roses with a note that said "From your Rose."
  • The movie Titanic cost more than the ship. The movie cost $200 million to produce and the ship cost only $7.5 million (or $150 million in the modern equivalent.)
  • According to the script, Rose was supposed to stab her fiance with her heel, but Kate Winslet decided it would look better if she spits in his face and that's the scenario they ended up choosing.
  • If you cut out all the modern time scenes from the movie and only keep the 1912 events, the movie would be 2 hours and 40 minutes long – this is exactly how long it took the ship to sink.
  • Cameron didn't want to use any songs in his movies. But composer James Horner secretly recorded a song with Celine Dion and gave the cassette to the director. The singer had her doubts about the song (she didn't really like it) but when she read the script, she changed her opinion. Everyone cried during the recording of the song.
  • In 1995, Cameron made 12 dives to the bottom of the ocean to see the sunken ship with his own eyes. It was then that the director realized he couldn't allow any mistake to appear in his work and that he had to honor everyone who died during the tragedy.
  • Do you remember DiCaprio's phrase "I'm the king of the world?" This was an improvisation. It wasn't in the original script.
  • The movie broke many records. One of them was how long the movie was on the big screen — 287 days.
  • When we see Rose in her old age, we can see her dog — a Pomeranian. There's a reason behind this – after the crash, 3 dogs were found. There were 2 Pomeranian dogs and one Pekingese. By the way, the scenes with the animals who were trying to save themselves were also filmed but the director made the decision to cut them.
  • During filming, the movie was called The Ice Planet. It was done to make the process secret so that other companies who were making movies about Titanic couldn't see the production.
  • The movie budget was 2 times more than planned. It was the most expensive movie of its time. 20th Century Fox had to invite another company to split the expenses. The other company was their competitor — Paramount Pictures. In fact, nobody believed that the movie would earn money.
  • Kate Winslet's dress was made with the consideration that it should look good both dry and wet.
  • The scene when Jack draws the portrait of naked Rose was shot on the very first day. The director had to see the sincere emotions and embarrassment, and the actors hadn't known each other. But Winslet took one more step: before the production process, she showed Leo her breasts because she knew what scene they were going to make. She did it in order to make Leo feel more comfortable.
  • In the same scene, Jack made a mistake. He told Rose to go to the bed when he had to say "to the couch." This version is in the final movie.
  • Some scenes in the movie are based on the memories of the survivors. For example, when a man puts 2 girls in a rescue boat and says, "This is not for long," is based on a story of one of the girls.
  • Cameron wanted his characters to be completely made-up people but when he finished writing the script, he found out that there was a passenger named Jack Dawson on the ship.
  • Fans have been arguing whether Jack could fit on the piece of wood together with Rose. Students from Great Britain even made an experiment and proved that DiCaprio had all the chances. All these talks irritate James Cameron who simply says, "Page 147 in the script says that Jack dies. It's simple." According to the director, if Jack had survived, the movie would have been completely different. And this is a movie about loss, so the main character had to die.
  • By the way, the piece of wood Rose used is the exact replica of the fragment found after the ship sank. It's in the museum in Halifax.

Bonus: the prototype for the "Old Rose"

  • Beatrice Wood became the prototype for the "Old Rose" in Titanic. No, she was never aboard the ship, but like Rose, Beatrice was from a wealthy family and she defied her parents to pursue a career as an artist. James Cameron read her autobiography that was called I Shock Myself and realized the first chapter described the character he already had in mind.

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