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20+ Internet Movie Fans That Don’t Go Easy Even on Our Favorite Movies

Not a single detail can be hidden from avid movie fans and in order to catch them all, you don’t even have to be an expert. But what you definitely need to have is a great sense of humor. Why would the horror movie The Ring be not very popular in 2019 and what do Marvel movies and Tom & Jerry have in common? Read on to find out.

We at Bright Side love when movie fans share their opinions of their favorite movies and TV shows and want to laugh with you at these popular clichés.

This is how the scariest horror movie of your childhood stops being scary:

“Reminder: Never travel with Sandra Bullock.”

“Once Jennifer Lopez collects all the stones, she will destroy half of the Universe.”

“I’m mostly interested to know at what point Albus Dumbledore decided smart, grey 3-piece suits were out, and embellished, jewel-colored robes with a matching hat were in.”

Can’t argue with this.

“Marvel, with all due respect, stop copying our Tom.”

Honestly, we started to suspect this in the second movie.

Why does nobody ever listen to scientists?

Why is it always the same place for aliens?

Movie clichés have no mercy, even for famous sights!

“Evolution of Sansa Stark”

Because real life is not like a movie.

“Matt Damon’s movie poster designers have officially run out of ideas.”

Maybe this is why the new book has still not been released?

“It’s been 16 years and I still can’t believe how they managed to sneak Scooby Doo on a plane in this disguise.”

How can we not think about this now?

“The most amazing thing about Finding Dory is how they managed to put a receding hairline on a fish.”

Don’t forget your Kleenex.

“I would watch this movie.”

Is this what they mean by sixth sense?

“Jon Snow every time he gets rid of one title and they give him a higher one:”

Which of these people do you agree with most? Maybe you have your own comments about popular movies or TV shows.

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