20 Little Known Shows That Are Worth Your Time

There is a wide range of movies and series to choose from, to the point that it’s sometimes hard to pick what to watch. This is why we took on the task of doing some research, watching, and selecting 20 series that are not very well-known yet, but that depict startling stories and plots. Look at this list and fall in love!

Have you run out of show options for the weekends or for holidays with family or friends? Bright Side is well aware of the issue, so we’ve decided to give you a hand. We’ve carefully crafted a list of extraordinary series for you to watch. Your only job is to make some popcorn and grab a cold drink. See for yourself!

20. Ozark

An American drama series that tells the story of the Byrde family, a couple that has a shallow relationship until Marty, the husband, ends up getting involved with a Mexican cartel that coerces him to launder money. So he moves to a town called Ozark with his family to pose as an investor and launder the money from the drug cartel. A well-thought-out plot with unexpected plot twists.

19. Alias Grace

This series is based on the same name novel, written by Canadian author Margaret Atwood. The story takes place in the mid-nineteen hundreds and recounts the life of Grace, a young woman who leaves Ireland to seek a better life in Canada. The lead character gets a job as a maid at Thomas Kinnear’s house, but is accused of murdering her boss and his housekeeper. The series addresses the issue of violence against women and her value in the society of that time.

18. Anne with an E

This is a breathtaking series with picturesque outdoor settings, based on the book Anne of Green Gables. The story recounts the life of Anne, an orphan who appears in the life of single, middle-aged siblings Marilla and Mathew at the beginning of the 20th century. She will end up transforming their routine with her rich imagination, but not without having some disagreements on the different ways they see life first. It’s all set in the small and quiet town of Avonlea, on Prince Edward Island, in Canada.

17. Wanted

Lola and Chelsea wouldn’t have started a friendship if they had not witnessed a murder and loaded a body inside the trunk of a car with a bag full of money. The story begins when the 2 girls meet at a bus stop and witness a crime perpetrated by a couple of corrupt police officers, who then want to erase all the evidence. Episodes are filled with tons of action, suspense, and surprises that we’ll let you discover.

16. River

This is a miniseries you can enjoy from beginning to end in one sitting because it’s almost impossible to stop watching it. It presents the story of a lone detective, John River, and his colleague, Detective Jackie. She gets murdered, and he won’t stop until he finds the one responsible for her death. The story speaks of grief, loneliness, relationships, violence, and has the song Love to Love by Tina Charles as the perfect background.

15. The Alienist

This is another crime series based on a novel by Caleb Carr. It’s 1895, New York. The alienist, Dr. Laszlo, is studying the case of a prostitute’s serial killer. He’s trying to understand this criminal’s mind and uncover his motivation in order to prevent more murders. His secretary Sara (Dakota Fanning) and a talented illustrator help him in his investigation.

14. Altered Carbon

This is a futuristic show based on a novel that has the same title by Richard K. Morgan. It narrates the story of Takeshi Kovacs, an ex-soldier who wakes up 250 years after his death in a different body. While he tries to adapt to his new self, he discovers that the world has changed: The rich use their money to become immortal and hire men like him to do the dirty work so that they can stay young forever.

13. The Driver

Vince McKee is a regular guy from Manchester who gets invited to work for a motorcycle gang. He’s living an unfulfilling life as a taxi driver and often fails to pay the bills, so he accepts the job, and gets involved in endeavors that weren’t part of his plans. The show goes a long way into exposing what some people are capable of doing for money.

12. Atypical

This show portrays the everyday life of young Sam, an autistic teen, who has to deal with Casey, his overprotective and jealous sister, and face a monotonous job, puberty, and the discovery of relationships. It’s interesting to see how the episodes faithfully depict the life of people with autism, their struggles, and how everything comes into place with support from family and friends.

11. It’s Bruno!

It’s Bruno! is a comedy about Malcolm, a Brooklyn resident, who dives into many adventures with his puppy, Bruno. Scenes are packed with jokes and abnormal situations that’ll have you laughing all the way through. It’s perfect for those on the run, since each episode only lasts 15 minutes and, of course, it’s especially for those who adore animals.

10. Cathedral of the Sea

For our lovers of the past, this is a historical drama based on the novel of the same name by Spanish writer Ildefonso Falcones. The show presents the drama surrounding the construction of the Cathedral of Santa María del Mar in Barcelona. The account also depicts the life of Bastaixo Arnau Estanyol, a man who was separated from his mother and who lost his father too soon. History speaks of forbidden passions and tensions between power and religion. It’s definitely worth watching.

9. Sick Note

Rupert Grint is the main character in this British Netflix series. He plays a man who has a complicated relationship with his wife and works at a job he hates where he’s underestimated. He also has to deal with a mother with dementia who believes he’s her favorite son. In one of his innumerable visits to the doctor, while pretending to be sick to avoid going to work, he finds out he has cancer. This news will change his life.

8. Cable Girls

A Spanish production that portrays how women struggled to find their place in society in the late 1920s. The story is an account of the lives of 4 young girls who leave their cities and families behind to try their luck working as telephone operators. They end up becoming inseparable. It’s an attractive plot that addresses sensitive issues like feminism, love, betrayal, power, and death. It keeps everyone in suspense from beginning to end.

7. The Fall

It’s an Irish production from the BBC that portrays the everyday routine of Stella, an agent investigating the homicides of a serial killer in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The criminal is known as Paul. Although he poses as a devout husband and loving father, he hides a secret: He’s a serial killer who targets beautiful and successful women. The detective assigned to this case is well-versed in the murderer’s profile and is determined to find him.

6. After Life

This series touches on grief, loneliness, and friendship, with a pinch of sarcasm and dark humor. It tells the story of Tony, a man who decides to get angry at the people around him for losing the love of his life to cancer. However, his friends (a widow, a prostitute, and a weirdo), his brother-in-law, and his dog end up showing him that life can be full of wonderful surprises.

5. Grand Hotel

The events in this series take place at the beginning of the last century. Julio Olmedo, a handsome and modest young man, manages to get hired at a stunning and sophisticated hotel to investigate the circumstances surrounding his sister’s disappearance. She was working there as a maid, when one day she vanished. Julio and Alicia, the hotel owner’s daughter, fall deeply in love, and she helps him look for answers. However, their love is forbidden because they have an insurmountable social abyss between them.

4. Grace and Frankie

Jane Fonda, Sam Waterston, and Martin Sheen are some of the world-renowned icons that star in this show. 2 women divorce their husbands when the men, their long-time partners, confess to being in love and having a gay relationship that has lasted for decades. After each couple divides their assets, the ex-wives end up living together at a beach house. Over time, an unlikely friendship begins, a bond that will help them deal with taboos about menopause and self-esteem at an old age, together.

3. The Rain

The Rain is a Danish series set in a futuristic world that is both pre- and post-apocalyptic. The Simone and Rasmus siblings have to deal with a reality extremely different than the one they knew. When they’re forced to leave the bunker where they lived in isolation for 6 years, they meet a group of survivors and realize how testing it is to deal with the truth about their father.

2. Better than Us

This is a Russian production with a futuristic theme in which robots coexist, work, and interact with human beings. This science fiction story envisions the conflicts that could arise between men and artificial intelligence when a prototype robot kills a man. The machine ends up running away and starting a friendship with a girl so it can become part of her family and hide from the law.

1. Rita

Danish series have recently made an impact with their brilliant scripts, and Rita is no exception. Rita is the story of a teacher who’s passionate about her work and who truly cares for her students, but she only triggers envy and scorn from her pupils because of her unusual methods. Her job is complicated, but the school staff is no picnic, either. She has an affair with the school’s principal and then has to deal with his 3 challenging children.

Do you like this selection? Will you include any of these series in your plans for the weekend? Have you seen any of them already? Tell us in the comment section!

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