20 Netflix Shows That Everyone Will Adore

Netflix is a cool company which produces, releases and streams the most interesting movies and TV shows. The biggest advantage of the company which everyone appreciates is that it uploads all the episodes on the premiere day. So you can get your blanket, get your snacks, and prepare to binge-watch your favorite TV shows.

Bright Side has chosen the Netflix shows that are definitely worth watching.

5 best shows, according to the viewers:

Black Mirror, 2011 — to the present

For the past 10 years, technology has become a huge part of our lives. Today, it's easier to share a problem on Facebook than talk about it with a close friend. So, in the world of Black Mirror, people can't live without technology, and it only harms them and makes them suffer.

An interesting show which demonstrates the negative consequences of people trying to become perfect with the help of technology.

House of Cards, 2013 — to the present

The main character, Francis Underwood, is one of the most powerful men in Congress. He is smart, ambitions, and precise. In return for the post of vice president, he helps Garret Walker become president. But after the elections, Frank gets a refusal. Furious, he makes a plan of revenge which his loyal wife Claire helps him carry out.

An intellectual show which doesn't only let the viewers watch the show but also think about what's hidden.

Godless, 2017

Angry thug Frank Griffin, together with a team of guerillas, terrorize the Wild West. He kills people and leaves the towns empty, and nobody can do anything about it. Once, Frank's stepson gets tired of all this, so he leaves the gang and takes everything the gang had stolen. The thugs are not going to let him simply walk away, so they try to find him. During the search, they arrive in the town of La Belle, where strangely enough, only women live.

A great show which is good not only for those who like westerns but also for those who think that they don't.

13 Reasons Why, 2017 — to the present

High school student Clay Jensen finds a box on his porch. In the box, he discovers tapes from a girl named Hanna, who committed suicide. In the recordings, Hanna tells about 13 reasons why she had done this, and Clay is one of them.

A hard show which makes people think about their lives and look at them from other angles.

Narcos, 2015 — to the present

This show is about Pablo Escobar. The government was afraid of him, the people respected him, and the policemen hated him. He built a powerful drug empire and sold the drugs to the US. The story is told by DEA agents who show what the people who want power are really capable of.

A dramatic show based on true events.

5 shows that women will love:

Orange Is the New Black, 2013 — to the present

The main character Piper Chapman loves her life and some small things like the morning shower or beautiful breakfast. But because of the mistakes that she had done in the past, Piper goes to jail where she has to spend 15 months. Now she needs to live and survive in the new environment.

This show is about love, survival, and the demons in every person's life.

The Crown, 2016 — to the present

This show tells the story of the life of Queen Elizabeth II and the story of Great Britain. This show has everything — from the conditions that the main character lived in when she was a child to the events which happen today.

The show received a Golden Globe Award in the Best Drama Series nomination.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, 2015 — to the present

This show is about Kimmy Schmidt – a girl who spent the last 15 years trapped underground by a religious fanatic. After she got free, she decided to change her life. She moves to New York and tries to catch up with the times. She learns about technology, learns new things, makes interesting friends, and develops her personal life.

A very light and witty comedy show which is great to watch after a hard day.

Master of None, 2015 — to the present

The main character Dev stars in commercials and movies which don't bring him enough money. He's dating a girl with whom he probably doesn't have a future, and he spends time with friends who don't have their own families yet. He gets into absurd situations but his friends and his sense of humor help him deal with the problems he faces.

A simple show where anyone can recognize themselves.

Love, 2016 — to the present

The main characters, Mickey and Gus, don't look like good people. Gus is a nerd and a loser who only dreams of things but doesn't do anything to make his dreams come true. Mickey is a rebellious girl who often gets into awkward situations. They meet but their past problems in their personal lives stand in their way. Can they be together?

An interesting show which is hard to stop watching.

5 shows for those who don't have enough miracles in their lives:

Stranger Things, 2016 — to the present

In the '80s, in a small provincial town, a boy whose name is Will disappears in a mysterious way. His family and friends want to find out what happened to him. He starts his own investigation and he is sure that he is close to the answer. But the boys can't even imagine what they are about to face.

A mystical show which will definitely grab your attention.

Sense8, 2015–2018

This show is about 8 people who live in different cities and countries, speak different languages, and have different cultures. But all of them are mentally connected. They can feel each other's emotions, help each other, and acquire each other's skills. Besides, there are people hunting them who think that they are a threat to the entire world. So the main characters need to find a way to survive.

A bright show that is very interesting.

Jessica Jones, 2015 — to the present

Jessica Jones is the only employee of a private detective agency. She dropped her superhero career for a cheap apartment. But the past catches up with her anyway when an evil man who can control the will of other people appears in the city.

A very dynamic show which is intense until the very last episode.

Daredevil, 2015 — to the present

The main character is Matt Murdock became blind due to an accident during his childhood. So, all his other senses got amplified. After he became an adult, he decided to dedicate his life to fighting crime. That's why during the day, he is a successful lawyer, and at night he is Daredevil.

This show has a great atmosphere, and you will want to binge-watch it.

Luke Cage, 2016 — to the present

After a failed experiment, the main protagonist, Luke Cage, escapes from prison and tries to start his life again. He has a few jobs to make ends meet and tries not to use his superpower. But when criminals kill the only person who had faith in Luke and supported him, he decides to emerge from the shadows and restore justice. He doesn't wear a mask and doesn't hide his name, so everyone knows who he is and where to find him.

An interesting show which somehow fits in everything: fighting, shooting, and dramatic episodes.

5 shows which grab your attention after the first episode:

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, 2016–2017

Todd lived a simple life. He was a doorman in a hotel, he had a small salary, and helped his sister. But one day, his entire world was destroyed. Todd got fired, his landlord started threatening him, and he was even suspected of committing a murder. And when he was almost ready to give up, he met optimist Dirk Gently, who claimed that Todd is an important part of an investigation.

An interesting show where every episode is a small masterpiece.

The OA, 2016 — to the present

The main character of the show returns home 7 years after she had disappeared. Nobody knows what happened to her, and the girl herself won't tell. And the main point of interest is the fact that she can see, although before she disappeared, she was blind.

A great drama which is very interesting to watch.

Lilyhammer, 2012–2014

Frank, a middle-aged mobster, rats out his boss to the Feds, and, afraid that he would be dealt with by his colleagues, he goes to Lilyhammer, Norway. After he comes to this new world, he doesn't want to change and adjust – he adjusts everything else to his needs and creates an underground empire. This is where different comic situations start.

A very light comedy show which will make your mood great after a hard day.

Bloodline, 2015–2017

The Rayburn family is happy and respected by the neighbors. But this is not as simple as it looks. Everything changes when Danny, the youngest brother, comes. He wants to get back at his relatives for the humiliation he had to go through during childhood.

The show starts with the finale and then we find out why all this happened and why this was the only way the story could go.

A Series of Unfortunate Events, 2017 — to the present

After an accident, three orphans, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny, are left with their closest relative Count Olaf, who is only interested in obtaining their fortune. The kids try to tell everyone the truth but nobody believes them. Because adults don't understand them, the kids get into different adventures as they try to discover the truth about their parents' death.

A great fairy tale that both children and adults will love.

What are your favorite Netflix shows? Which new shows are you looking forward to? Tell us in the comment section below!

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