25 Proofs That Logic Doesn’t Exist in Animation

Animation has no boundaries, and that’s why adults and children love it so much. We are already used to some "quirks." For example, characters who don’t change their clothes during a whole movie or how the Simpsons’ kids don’t grow. But there are some things which are really hard to admit.

Bright Side put together the most absurd examples of animation logic, biology, and physics.

25. Excuse me, was it not hair?

24. The Flintstones celebrated Christmas before Jesus was actually born.

23. You can put on the tiniest mask and change your clothes, and nobody will ever recognize you.

22. The age of some anime heroes is another question altogether...

21. How come his glasses don’t fall off?

20. Is he smoking his cigar with his mustache?

19. Any blow just changes the shape of your body.

18. Tom and Jerry are usually naked. They dress up only on the beach.

17. Characters in Disney’s Ducktales also behave strangely when it comes to clothes.

16. Scrooge, don’t jump! You’ll kill yourself!

15. There was no one else in the whole kingdom who wore the same size shoe as Cinderella?!

14. By the way, it is also weird that the Prince couldn’t recall the face of the girl he’d fallen in love with.

13. And how about Squidward watering flowers underwater?

12. Or a sinking starfish?

11. SpongeBob blows through the aqualung.

Physics? Never heard of it.

10. Listening to music with his eyes? He can because he’s a crab.

9. And his daughter is a whale.

8. Mickey Mouse is a mouse. He has a dog, Pluto. His friend Goofy is also a dog.

7. How did he manage to put his T-shirt on?

6. Bugs Bunny doesn’t wear clothes, but his girlfriend does.

5. Gravity does not exist until you look down.

4. Seems like King Triton had fewer chances to get nipples. However...

3. So you’re saying they can’t get out?

2. Well, we don’t know what to add here...

1. On the other hand... Where else if not in animation?

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