8 “Game Of Thrones” Fan Theories That’ll Get You Pumped for the Final Season

Millions of Game of Thrones fans all over the world are now totally anxious about the final season, which airs on April 14, 2019. They rewatch the series, discuss it over and over again and make a lot of different theories about how the TV series will end — and each one is more astounding than the one before it. The show’s creators are really having a tough task of making something greater than the whole world could ever suggest — but there’s no doubt they will do it.

Since the final season is getting closer, Bright Side decided to collect and share with you some interesting fan theories that might actually become a reality.

1. The dead Starks will come back as White Walkers.

In the trailer for season 8, there’s a scene of Arya running from something, totally scared. But what could scare Arya the assassin, who has seen and experienced too much in her life? There’s no way anyone in the living would scare her that much, and we suppose that she was also prepared to meet the White Walkers.

There’s a crypt in Winterfell where all the dead Starks are buried, and since White Walkers are able to turn the dead into themselves, there’s a very good chance that we’ll see some Starks again. Fans are suggesting that it’s very likely that Arya is being chased by someone from her own family, who has become a White Walker — and we can understand why she is so freaked out.

2. Bran drove the Mad King crazy — just like he did with Hodor.

It was mentioned in the series that the Mad King was obsessed with fire and his favorite phrase was “Burn them all!” But what if there’s a deeper reason for his madness? Well, fans do remember one character with a story that reminds us of this very much — Hodor, who used to be named Wylis and who became mentally disabled after Bran’s intervention with his younger self during a vision.

What if Bran also had something to do with the Mad King too? A lot of fans are convinced that that’s exactly what happened.

3. Gendry is the child of Cersei and Robert Baratheon.

The creators of the show still owe us a reveal of the mystery of Gendry’s birth, and fans are pretty sure that Gendry is a lot more than just a bastard. It was mentioned that Cersei and Robert had a child that died shortly after his birth — but fans are sure that’s there’s no reason to believe this. It is also known that Gendry’s mother had yellow hair.

Moreover, fans are confused about the fact that Cersei has never visited her dead baby son in the crypt, even though we know what a devoted mother she is. It’s probably because she knows that her son isn’t in the crypt, but in Fleabottom as a blacksmith’s apprentice. And finally, fans think that it was Cersei who was looking for Gendry during Joffrey’s purge of Robert’s bastards in order to save him.

If this theory is true, Gendry is the true heir of the Iron Throne.

4. Meera Reed is Jon’s twin sister.

Yes, you read it correctly. There’s quite a popular theory that Meera, who accompanied Bran in his adventure beyond the wall and safely returned him back, is not just Jon’s sister, but his twin sister. The series showed us what happened the day Jon was born through Bran’s visions. What’s interesting is that Ned Stark wasn’t the only one who was there.

Howland Reed, Meera’s father, arrived at the Tower of Joy with him. Lyanna had a tough time giving birth and fans suspect that she could have had 2 children. Since Ned’s returning with “bastard” twins would be too much, they think that Ned took one baby, and Howland — the other one.

Another thing that fans just can’t get over is the fact that Jon and Meera are very much alike. She looks way more like him than her brother Jojen, and in the books, she was described very similar to Arya and Lyanna Stark.

5. Syrio Forel is Jaqen H’ghar.

Fans say that there are too many coincidences to not think so. Both characters are from Braavos, serve the God of Death, and are very experienced with a sword. They both were Arya’s teachers and refer to her in the third person. The creators of the show didn’t show us the scene of Syrio’s death, and what Game of Thrones taught us is that if we haven’t seen someone actually die, then we have a reason to doubt it.

Another thing is the way Jaqen appeared in the show. He was being transported to The Night’s Watch from King’s Landing on the first trip from there after the assault. Fans doubt that a man like Jaqen could got easily captured and claim that it was Syrio Forel, who actually planned to get caught, so he could watch over Arya and make her safe on her trip from King’s Landing.

6. Jon Snow will become the Night King.

Also, so many people want to see Jon on the Iron Throne, but this is probably exactly why it’ll never happen — at least some fans are totally convinced of this. But since he’s one of the most important characters, he has to do something really important.

Taking into account his long-term obsession with White Walkers, fans suggest that he will be the one who’ll save everyone from them... and may even do more than that. Clearly speaking, he will sacrifice himself and will become The Night King, walk them away from Westeros, and will guard the White Walkers eternally to keep them away from the living.

7. Tyrion Lannister will get the Iron Throne.

Some fans suggest that Tyrion is not Tywin’s son, but the son of his wife Joanna and the Mad King. It is known that the Mad King really had an interest in Joanna, and if Tyrion is his son, that would explain Tywin’s hate for him and constant anger toward the Mad King. Additionally, this would explain Tyrion’s obsession with dragons that he’s had since he was a little boy and the fact that Dany’s dragons once showed their favor to him.

And this actually would make him another true heir to the Iron Throne. Many fans agree on the thing, that we won’t see Jon or Dany getting the Throne since it would be too obvious — and obvious definitely isn’t Game of Thrones thing. So the creators really need someone else to rule, and actually, someone who people like, and Tyrion makes the perfect candidate.

And how about the Queen beside him? Fans also think it will be Sansa. She’s still his legitimate wife and it would be very poetic since she could become the Queen, like she’s always wanted. However, not beside a handsome prince, but with a dwarf that she used to despise. That would perfectly show how much she’s grown and learned, so... we’ll see.

8. The series are Sam’s memories, who’s writing the chronicles of Westeros.

There’s also a theory that suggests that everything we’ve see in the series is told by a narrator. And of course, this narrator is Sam Tarly, who’s supposedly writing the chronicle of Westeros, representing George R. R. Martin — the writer of the original book saga the series is based on.

Fans got really into this theory after Samwell’s conversation with Archmaester Ebrose in season 7. In one of the episodes, the Archmaester gives Sam advice on writing and calls their present “The Chronicles of the Wars Following the Death of King Robert,” on which Sam says he’d choose a more poetic title. And Game of Thrones or A Song of Ice and Fire seem to be exactly what he’d choose.

Which of the theories you believe in? Do you have any of your own? Leave your thoughts in comment so you have proof you knew it before the season aired.

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