9 Unexpected Cartoon Revelations That Will Change Your View of Them Forever

We still remember most of the dialogue from our favorite childhood cartoons because we watched them a million times over.

Today Bright Side brings you several stories that will open them up from a totally unexpected side.

9. Mulan

The plot was based on the real story of Hua Mulan, trained by her father in martial arts, horse riding, archery, and swordplay. When the Emperor mobilized all men to war, Mulan went in her sick father's stead. In 12 years of service, she received numerous decorations, and her deceit was never discovered.

8. Anastasia

There was a real person behind the cartoon Anastasia, and she was a daughter of the last Russian Tsar, Nicholas II. The girl was executed with the rest of the royal family in 1918. About 30 women have proclaimed themselves to be the "miraculously rescued" Grand Duchess, but their tricks were exposed.

7. Up

In 2006, the construction of a skyscraper began in a district of Seattle where the house of Edith Macefield was. The 85-year-old woman was the only resident in the area who refused to leave her home. She was offered $1 million, to which she said she didn't need or want any money.

6. Snow White

The Snow White prototype was Maria Sophia Margaretha Catharina von Erthal, born in 1729 in the ancient castle of Lohr am Main. No portrait was left of the lady, but the castle is now a museum where the "magic" mirror is stored.

The girl's father gave this mirror as a gift to his beautiful wife. A tricky sound mechanism was made by artisans of mirror craft, and it actually "talked" to its owner.

5. Pocahontas

Pocahontas ("little wanton") is, in fact, a nickname given by a Native American chieftain to his daughter, Princess Matoaka ("bright stream between the hills").

In 1607, Pocahontas allegedly saved an Englishman, John Smith, from being executed by her tribe.

In 1613, she was captured by colonists and a ransom was demanded. Soon, she married tobacco planter John Rolfe and even adopted Christianity, taking the name of Rebecca. This marriage kept the peace between the Natives and the English for 8 years.

4. Balto

This was a real story that happened in 1925 when the village of Nome suffered from a diphtheria epidemic. The real-life Balto was a purebred husky, and he stood at the head of a team that ran for 52 miles to deliver the serum to the children. The outbreak was stopped in 5 days.

The story of Balto is still being taught at Alaskan schools, dog sleds race each year along his 1925 route, and there's a monument to this brave dog in New York's Central Park.

3. Pinocchio

Carlo Lorenzini, the author of the story, didn't much like children. To teach them a lesson, he made his character a naughty little liar, punished at the end for his faults: he was hanged from a tree. The readers fell in love with Pinocchio, though, and Lorenzini's editor requested that he "resurrect" the boy. Which, as we know, he did.

2. The Road to El Dorado

Suppose children's cartoons have more to show than purely children's stories? In this movie, in one scene we see Tulio and Chel in a room alone. We hear sounds like moans, and then a distressed Chel and a very pleased Tulio are slipping apart from each other. Whatever they did there, it's probably not fit to show to kids.

1. The Boss Baby

The creators of The Boss Baby must be pretty big fans of Home Alone. When Tim and the baby take a bath before preparing to steal the pappy file, the baby helps Tim. He applies styling gel to his hair and doesn't forget to slap his cheeks with aftershave. And then this happens:

Well, this moment from Home Alone is unforgettable:

Preview photo credit DreamWorks Animation
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