9 Actors Who Repeat Their Signature Gesture in Every Movie

Most movie lovers will recognize the director of a movie by his or her trademark episodes. However, actors also have their own signature moves.

Bright Side collected 9 gestures our favorite actors repeat from movie to movie.

Johnny Depp's hats

You can't imagine the brilliantly played Jack Sparrow, Willy Wonka, or Mad Hatter without a hat. However, even when he's not acting as a fairy tale character, Johnny always wears one. His fans note that he loves hats in real life too.

Samuel L. Jackson's oratory

Samuel L. Jackson just loves fervent declamation. His first time doing this was in Pulp Fiction, and, since then, the actor has continued using his eloquence to the joy of his fans.

Leonardo DiCaprio's brilliant toasts

No one gives a toast better than Leo DiCaprio. He raised his first glass in Titanic as Jack Dawson, young and in love. After that, he repeated the trick in Django Unchained, The Wolf of Wall Street, and, of course, The Great Gatsby.

Tom Cruise's sprinting

"Running like Tom Cruise" is a phrase that's become proverbial. The actor really has to run a lot on screen, and you can't but admit that, whatever the surroundings, he does his sprinting awesomely.

Harrison Ford's "Finger of Doom"

Harrison Ford loves pointing at others with his finger. He uses this gesture in almost every movie, directing it at those who stand in his way. The first appearance of his "Finger of Doom," as dubbed by the online community, was in Star Wars.

Michelle Rodriguez - the tough Amazon

If Michelle Rodriguez stars in a movie, you can be sure she'll fight better than all the male characters. The actress doesn't just repeat the same gestures all the time - she acts in similar roles and even wears outfits that look very much alike.

Tim Roth's chilling out

Whoever this British actor is depicting, be it a specialist in lies or the Prince of Monaco, he'll always find a reason to sit and relax in a comfortable armchair.

Mel Gibson's nude scenes

Mel Gibson is in great shape and boasts it in lots of his movies. He demonstrates his completely or partially naked body much more often than other male actors. Mel's also considered to be the pioneer of nude scenes, as he began shooting them in Lethal Weapon back in 1987.

Brad Pitt's insatiable hunger

Actors mostly play live people, so it's no surprise that they have to eat on camera sometimes. Brad Pitt does it all the time, though, and so realistically that, when watching him munching something, you just itch to run to your own fridge.

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